Bougainville mining law opens door to corporate predators

We have published a number of articles on Adam Smith International, the company contracted by the World Bank to draft Bougainville’s new mining law (available here). Adam Smith International (ASI) works for big business interests, and has harmed indigenous communities across Africa and Asia.

We have also published a number of articles warning that the protections given to landowners in the new Bougainville law are just window dressing, there is no robust measure for obtaining consent, or ensuring it is informed by independent information.

Unsurprisingly ASI’s friends in the corporate world are delighted by the new Mining law. Take the example of Renzie Duncan. He recently took to the popular Bougainville Forum on Facebook to express his delight at ASI’s handiwork.


So who is Renzie? Just a well-meaning friend of Bougainville? Not quite!

Renzie Duncan is a mining executive who has run companies like Zues Minerals, a miner which has been used by the Chinese government to obtain access to mineral deposits in the Pacific region.

Renzie and Zeus 1

And it appears his eyes are now set on Bougainville.

With the mining bill set to breeze through parliament without serious consultation the sharks are already circling around Bougainville.

Renzie and Zues 2


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2 responses to “Bougainville mining law opens door to corporate predators

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  2. samson tui

    Vagina 4 bougainville ya

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