UK: Treliver planning to mine the seabed for tin

Treliver Minerals aiming to restart Cornish tin

James Perkins | | Mining Innovation News

CornishTin-300x225Treliver Minerals, a Cornish mining company, is in the process of applying for the right to survey a portion of the Cornish seabed for underwater tin resources and determine if the metal can be extracted commercially.

Exploration and possible extraction of the area, around St Austell Bay, would create “well-paid, year-round skilled jobs” according to the company.

Chief executive Mark Thompson said:

Treliver Minerals is making good progress with its tin exploration programme in Cornwall and a further project in St Austell Bay would see us actively exploring in four separate areas.

We remain committed to our goal of resurrecting the tin-mining industry in Cornwall. To do so would contribute significantly to the local economy by creating well-paid, year-round skilled jobs.”

The responsibility for management and regulation of activity on the UK seabed is that of the Crown Estate, which is currently considering applications for exploration, with a decision expected by the end of February.

A spokesperson for the Crown Estate indicated that the current proposals cover exploration and any commercial project would require further regulation and licenses and public consultation.

Stephen Gilbert, MP for St Austell and Newquay, said:

With the price of tin continuing to rise it’s important that we look at what opportunities for new investment and new jobs in this traditional industry may emerge.

It’s too early to say what the investigations may show and we clearly need to be conscious of environmental impacts, but I’m fully supportive of the initial plans and hope that [they] will lead to new jobs and investment.”

The company said that it was in the process of informal public consultation as it engaged with those who may be directly affected by the seabed operations.

A spokesperson said that:

Any activities that we undertake will be conducted so as to minimise any effect on the environment or any inconvenience caused to the important fishing and aquaculture activities and businesses operating in St Austell Bay.”

Local fishing workers said that they have no arguments at this stage with the proposals for exploration at least and Gary Rawle, the owner of West Country Mussels in Fowey, said that the company has assured him that “with today’s technology, they can mine the tin without any problems with silt or sediment”.


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