Nautilus lies and deception about experimental seabed mining


A recent story from Nautilus Minerals on the web

Prospective experimental seabed mining company Nautilus Minerals loves to try and deceive people about the true nature of its proposed mining operations.

Nautilus wants to use 300 tonne bulldozers [see image below] to strip mine the floor of the Bismarck sea a few kilometers off the coast of the islands of New Britain and New Ireland in Papua New Guinea.

But Nautilus doesn’t like showing pictures of the giant robotic machines that will chew up the seafloor, destroying everything in their path; creating huge plumes of sand and dust, shock waves and noise.

Instead the company favours lies and deception. It’s favourite image is the one shown above – used to illustrate a recent Nautilus story on the Mining Weekly website. This image has been used numerous times to illustrate company media releases and has been reproduced hundreds of times by the corporate media.

The image shows a robotic arm carefully removing part of an underwater hydrothermal vent as part of an environmental research program!

This image has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the proposed mining operations but NONETHELESS it appears frequently all across the internet and print media to illustrate Nautilus’s proposed experimental seabed mining.


Employees of Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) work on a subsea mining machine being built for Nautilus Minerals at Wallsend, northern England April 14, 2014.

One of the giant subsea mining machines Nautilus Minerals wants to use to rip up the seabed.



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2 responses to “Nautilus lies and deception about experimental seabed mining

  1. Ana Thema

    That could have tragic irreversible consequences that will be way beyond Nautilus’s ability to control. Nautilus can declare it a failed experiment and take off out of there while local inhabitants’ homes and lives are totally destroyed.

  2. Mining the ocean floor is probably wrong headed. However it’s the consumer that creates the demand, Publishing an inflammatory story that is most likely unbalanced because it will sell more copy is also propaganda. Approx 8 Billion people are the ones guilty of needing or wanting a new car, a better cell phone or new house make the choice to create the demand.

    The only way we can reduce the demand is to simply live with less. I have had my current vehicle for 23 years. The one before that I kept going for 22 years.
    Everything has a price.

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