Sir J to seek changes in mining law

It is a shame Chan’s proposed bill won’t outlaw experimental seabed mining or stop the destructive social and environmental impacts of large-scale mining…

Julius Chan

Press Release | PNG Loop

Sir Julius Chan, one of the founding fathers of Papua New Guinea, seeks to:

  • Legally recognize and protect the ownership rights of customary landholders of minerals on, in or below customary land;
  • Give an opportunity for every citizen to take part in the political, economic, social, religious and cultural life of the country;
  • Maximize the number of citizens participating in every aspect of development; and
  • Facilitate the organization and legal recognition of all customary landholders to be engaged in constructive development activities in mining.

The former Prime Minister gave notice to Speaker to present his bill on September 3 last year, however he was not given an opportunity to do so.

In this first 2015 session of Parliament, Sir Julius’ bill was numbered 153 under Private Business Orders of the Day.  It will be an amendment to the Mining Act 1992.

Similar bills in the past that seek amendments to the Mining Act have been from North Fly MP and Minister for Culture and Tourism, Boka Kondra, who is a landowner in the Ok Tedi mine operation area.

Prominent lawyer and former ambassador, the late Peter Donigi , was understood to have been involved in the drafting of the Kondra bill and has also published books about greater control and participation in mining development by customary landholders.


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