Fiji government silent on Namosi mining dispute

‘No Comment’

Ana Sovaraki | Fiji Sun

The Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources will not comment further on the dispute between Namosi landowners and the Namosi Joint Venture (NJV).

Last month, head of the Mataqali Nabukebuke, Daniele Vakatawabai of Namosi Village claimed there was a split among the landowners.

He said this led to a roadblock carried out by those causing the split in the area which was being explored for minerals by the NJV.

Lands Minister Mereseini Vuniwaqa said they were not commenting because they we’re dealing with sensitive mataqali issues.

“We have asked the mataqali to try and resolve the issues internally so that we can move forward with this development. I believe at the moment they are addressing the issue and they will come back to us if a decision has been made,” Ms Vuniwaqa said.

Meanwhile, she said following the ministry’s lands consultation, landowners were now well informed.

“Misinformation was there; it was very evident prior to elections and in the first few weeks after elections,” Ms Vuniwaqa said.

She said the public consultations that were carried out were in relation to the formalisation of informal settlements.


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