Do not cede Bougainville’s great victories warns Chris Baria

Chris Baria | Facebook 

I cry for you bougainville tshirtIt now appears that those of us battered by the storm have more passion for our beloved homeland than those who have not lived through it. Those who have lived on the sheltered side will never know what it is like to suffer and die for higher ideals and for the want of life that is wholesome and free.

Those of us who tasted our own blood, sweat and tears on our cracked lips, refuse to spend the night lying on dreamless beds. We just cannot exist in a vision-less void and out rightly reject the stale calm of utopia. It is our right to chose and toil a for a kind of life we desire and not the one prescribed to us in an hegemonic arrangement. 

Much like the biblical analogy of King Solomon’s wise decision to divide child by sword to establish the true mother of the child, the current peace and calm today reveals the great divide between those who truly love Bougainville and those who love money and the development prescription by those who want our resources



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One response to “Do not cede Bougainville’s great victories warns Chris Baria

  1. Dear Chris Baria,
    “Wow, so beautifully written” states a wonderful Bougainville supporter and the Bougainville Freedom Movement totally agree. Well done and congratulations Mr Baria.
    It is time that the Australian Government sincerely apologised to the people of Bougainville for its past mistakes and stop harbouring the requests of the mining company Rio Tinto and its subsiduary Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL). It has become apparent that the current President of Bougainville and former Catholic Priest, Father John Momis has been brainwashed by the mining company. In 1987, John Momis wrote to the Mining Director, Paul Quodling and stated the following:
    “The BCL mine has forever changed the perceptions, the hopes and fears of the people of Bougainville. You are invaders. You have invaded the soil and the places of our ancestors, but above all, your mine has invaded our minds.” (See “Bougainville: The Mine and the People” by Paul Quoding, 1991, Appendix C, p. 90-94).
    Mr Momis has become the “devil” who now knows he is working with the “devil he knows” – Rio Tinto and BCL.

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