Momis blames ‘tok ples’ for misunderstanding over use of force

Use of force to Open Mine

Anthony Kaybing | New Dawn

A recent statement in the blogs site Papua New Guinea Mine Watch has come under fire following its misquotations of a speech given by Autonomous Bougainville Government President Grand Chief Dr. John Momis.

The scathing report gives a tainted view of the President’s outlook on the sensitive Panguna Mine issue with the report implying that the President is hell bent on reopening the mine by force and also expressing his dissatisfaction of the Panguna Landowners Association.

The actual speech given by President Momis during the first mass by newly ordained priest Fr. Ambrose Kakatai at the Tabago Parish, Buin District on Sunday 15th February 2015 contradicts the report at so many levels.
President Momis’ speech was simply about the responsibility that Bougainvilleans must now undertake to prepare themselves for the coming referendum and their responsibility to honor the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

Parts of the President’s speech were made in the Telei (Buin) dialect as the majority of the people at the event were from the Buin District.

The part of the President’s speech that was misconstrued may have been when he explained the ABG’s continued consultative approach to resolving the Panguna issue.

“The ABG continues to consult our people on the Panguna Mine’s reopening, because of the respect for our people the mine will not be reopened by force,” direct quote of the President’s speech made in the Telei Dialect.

This quote is the only one in which President Momis mentions anything about the use of force to reopen the mine.

The other allegation raised in the report on President Momis’ speech was his “criticism” of the Panguana Landowners Association which again contradicts the actual speech.

President Momis said on the same speech that the ABG was working closely with important stakeholders such as the Panguna Landowners to resolve the issue and that the government had already created a channel of communication with the Mekamui Traibal Government of Unity who at first were suspicious of the ABG’s interest in the Panguna Mine.

An observer noted that the publishing of such derogatory reports is only to derail the progress the ABG has made in resolving the Panguna issue and on the eve of the ABG Elections in June this was just a smear campaign against President Momis and his cabinet.



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7 responses to “Momis blames ‘tok ples’ for misunderstanding over use of force

  1. Was it a misunderstanding or dirty politics by the President’s detractors?

  2. It seems apparent that President Momis must have been quoted correctly on 15 February 2015, about re-opening the Panguna mine particularly if you take into account the BCL chairperson’s address by Peter Taylor in May 2014 which states:

    “President Momis maintains his support for the re-opening of the mine, and the momentum which has produced landowner elections, public forums and an increased focus on the re-start agenda is in considerable part due to the efforts of the President and members of his cabinet, together with the commendable efforts of an increasingly capable Bougainville public service, and the contribution of Australian Government funded advisors.”
    And continuing on with regard to the re-opening of the Panguna mine on Bougainville, the BCL chairperson again states:
    “This company faces the coming year with enthusiasm for the tasks ahead, and anticipates good progress toward the vision of reopening the mine.”

    Therefore, presumably President Momis has not been misunderstood and that the dirty politics are being driven by Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) and Rio Tinto Limited and its greedy shareholders.

  3. Ana's Outlook

    BFM, it seems apparent that you have taken a tremendous leap between statements made by Taylor last year and your assumption that the Panguna mine could be reopened by force. Yes, Momis “maintains his support” for a reopening. Yes, BCL “faces the coming year with enthusiasm” and “anticipates good progress” towards a reopening. But you’d have to misinterpret those English language statements completely to arrive at your assumed conclusion that these parties intend to reopen the mine by force. Back to school for you!

  4. Ana, love your pussy photo. How cute! It reminds me of Simon Pentanu who resembles a turtle!
    Yes, a tremenous leap considering the ABG budget have allocated substantial funding (some K7 million) from their own resources, “a large amount given the small size of the ABG budget”, to give to BCL (not the people of Bougainville) as the first ridiculously pathetic step for BCL to establish its presence back on Bougainville.
    Now wonder BCL is so enthusiatic!!! SEVEN MILLION KINA for the red carpet roll out to return to Bougainville!!! We don’t need no education when we see how pathetic and wasteful the current government under the leadership of President Momis has become due to the manipluation of BCL/Rio Tinto mining company and its shareholders.
    So, with BCL “anticipating good progress” towards re-opening the Panguna mine, we can only suggest to the people of Bougainville that they protest against their current President John Momis and the ABG to allocate the K7 million (that’s nearly 3 million Australian dollars) from its budget to assist the people of Bougainville NOT the mining company, BCL and Rio Tinto.
    Keep your wisdom BOUGAINVILLE!

  5. Ana's Outlook

    VJ, your comments are so petty, as is your puerile thinking. I don’t know what Simon Pentanu has to do with this, but I guess you saw an opportunity to wave a red flag at him. Difficult to get the connection, but you’re a very disconnected person.

    • Thanks for your reply
      You live up to your email name ANATHEMA…. Dedicated to evil, a detested person, a person consigned to destruction.
      At a guess from your comment above, you are very much connected to the mining company BCL and related to the late Paul Quodling, who was the chief executive of BCL from 1978 to 1987.
      It is interesting that you hide behind a pussy cat photo and remain disconnected from your real identity. Are you having an identity crisis Anathema?

      You must check out the photo of your friend Simon Pentanu resembling a turtle. Simon Pentanu says, “So here, in this photo I have turned turtle imitating a turtle float. I am a really huge turtle, a leatherback if you like, afloat and lost to the world. You will notice that I am floating face up with my back down. Turtles float and swim with heads and beaks down and backs up.”

      We would love to see a photo of you too, Cat Man !!!!!!!

  6. Ana's Outlook

    Vikki John, you keep making ridiculous assumptions and you keep getting it wrong. But in one respect it seems you’re ahead of me: I didn’t know Paul had left us. May he rest in peace.

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