Momis just another puppet for Australia and the mining industry?

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March 5, 2015 · 1:42 pm

2 responses to “Momis just another puppet for Australia and the mining industry?

  1. michaelluakenu

    Who is giving you all this stories about Dr j. Momis being a puppet. What have you contributed in developing Bougainville after crisis. All what you are doing is criticism after criticism and nothing to offer in the developments of Bougainville and PNG. From my ONE TOUCH PIXI

  2. Perhaps this will help you. A quote taken from the Social Rehabilitation Needs Assessment report in 1998. The report noted that:

    ‘all over Bougainville there is unanimous concern that the current restoration and rehabilitation excercise is simply rebuilding the same type of development process that led to the crisis. There is strong expression of the desire by the people to learn developmental lessons from the crisis so that the rebuilding process does not reproduce the developmental ills that gave rise to the crisis’. (see “Grassroots Development Visions for a New Bougainville” by Naihuwo Garry Ahai, 1999, in Building Peace in Bougainville, published by Centre for Peace Studies, University of New England.)

    So, the comic rings true. Momis is not listening the the grassroots people of Bougainville. Momis is manipulated by the mining company BCL/Rio Tinto and the Australian Government.

    What is your vision for Bougainville?

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