Porgera Mine effects probe

Niugini News | Pacific Mining Watch

AN independent specialist team is in Enga to help in the investigation of environmental damage caused by the Porgera gold mine.

The team will investigate outstanding benefits claims by the people of Porgera and Enga.

The team was led by landowner groups, including shareholder and chief landowner Jonathan Paraia.

“We have brought in experts to help us so that Enga will follow formal procedures to deal with the issue rather than weapons like it happened in Bougainville over the Panguna mine some years ago,” he said.

He said the landowners’ plea for support from the National Government “have fallen on deaf ears”.

“There is no bridge between the National Government, the people of Porgera and the mining company,” Paraia said.


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One response to “Porgera Mine effects probe

  1. Mr. Paraia, our National Government will not help you. We have requested MRA to assist our Panguna Landowners with the taking on board of our 1990 Outstanding Compensation verification. Mr. Samar agreed for a while and decided not to follow this up with Bougainville Copper Limited. Our National Government is tied up in its agreement with the company that is mining your land, so how do you expect it to help you. Mipela too i olsem.

    Now our very own ABG Government is doing the same this. It too has gone to bed with RIO TINTO (BCL).

    I feel for you and your people.

    All the best with your efforts to get Justice.

    Chairman-Lawrence Daveona
    Panguna Mine SML Landowners Association.

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