Happy International Women’s Day to the women of Bougainville

Photo: Catherine Wilson

Women sit amid the ruins of the Panguna mine offices. Photo: Catherine Wilson

Bougainville Freedom Movement

We are truly sorry but totally understand why the women of Bougainville who in fact are the landowners, are angered at the way in which the Panguna Landowners Association is operating. The Panguna Landowners Association is acting in accordance with and for the mining company Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) and Rio Tinto.

The mining company has contributed to poverty, inequality, ecological destruction, and human rights violations. It is by definition unsustainable and non-renewable. The people of Bougainville have shown the world its wisdom, the suffering and the sacrifice to life where approximately 20,000 people died to keep the mining company BCL/RIo Tinto out of Bougainville and the Panguna mine closed since 1988 until this day.

The latest news also about the Rio Tinto mining company is that they envision their “mine of the future to be complete with driverless trucks and other equipment which helps minimise use of human workers”.

BCL and Rio Tinto have no respect for Bougainville, the environment or your people. Destruction and greed is their motive.


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