Another MCC ‘tonnes of toxic chemical’ spill

Basamuk refinery, site of the latest toxic acid spill

Basamuk refinery, site of the latest toxic acid spill

Yet another toxic chemical spill has taken place at this Chinese-owned Ramu Nickel Mine in Madang Province and yet the Chinese at the mine tell the people ‘IT’S OK’.

The biggest pipe at the acid plant broke, causing the tones of toxic chemical waste to spill into the mine’s drainage system on Tuesday the 3rd of March, which then got washed into the beautiful Basamuk Sea by the heavy rains on Thursday the 5th of March.

Off course as usual none of the Chinese from the mine said anything to the Basamuk villagers to warn them of what happened as a precaution, or perhaps to give them safety instructions since the mine operation is said to be ‘very safe’.

The truth came out when the villagers realized that the sea turned red ‘again’ on Friday the 6th of March after the heavy rains on Thursday the 5th, and demanded explanations from the mine.

The Chinese at the processing plant couldn’t cover up and fool the people as this is the fourth time a toxic chemical spill has happened and the sea turns red every time, so the people knew what had happened as soon as they saw the red sea.

Just as well when the people demanded answers, the Chinese sent their ‘Community Affairs’ officers into the Basamuk community to tell them, “Yes it happened but IT’S OK’.

This Chinese mine also has people working for it with the titles of ‘Health and Safety Officers’, but those officers never showed up at the village to explain how safe and healthy that ‘toxic chemical waste’, poison is.

The people demanded clear explanations with researched evidence and facts but no one, not from the government or the Chinese company came back to the village to provide the ‘IT’S OK-Safe and Healthy’ evidence to them.



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