President Momis relies on convicted murderer for backup over mining bill

After President Momis and his Australian adviser Tony Regan were slammed at Monday’s public meeting for attempting to pass a ‘colonial’ mining bill written in London by Adam Smith International – a bill that will criminalise resistance to mining, and put companies like BCL in the box seat – his public relations officer Anthony Kaybing attempted to resurrect matters by putting out a deceptive press release.

President Momis was widely supported at the meeting, we are wrongly told. And who is the star witness, Cornelius Solomon, a man also known by the name Cornelius Galasa. Presented by Kaybing as the ex-combatant’s spokesperson – he is not – Cornelius is quoted as stating:

“The government has done everything to thoroughly explain to the people the new Bill and how it will greatly regulate the extractive industry on Bougainville. We cannot continue to undermine the government for it is the very thing that we fought and died for, doing so only renders the purpose of our struggle moot,  .We are all behind the government and will not resort to creating instability within the region”.

Quite the testimonial for Adam Smith International, and Dr Momis. What Kaybing fails to tell the public is that Cornelius Solomon (aka Cornelius Galasa) was a member of the criminal gang, the Black Sharks, and is a convicted murderer. In 2007 the High Court of the Solomon Islands found Cornelius guilty of murdering Bobby Sae Nare in Gizo. The decision can be read here:

His gang, the Black Sharks, also stands accused of murder and rape by the Solomon Island Truth and Reconciliation Commission [pdf file]

Surely the President’s press office can do better than a convicted murderer and alleged gangster, or is public support for this bill so low that nobody else is left?



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4 responses to “President Momis relies on convicted murderer for backup over mining bill

  1. Micz

    Uh oh, the ABG ‘police’ are going around Facebook getting people to delete this story.

    Momis has been desperate for support, no other ex-combatant wants a bar of him. So he reached the bottom of the barrel, Solomon (i.e. Galasa).

    This guy is a gangster, a murderer. I wonder how Solomon managed to get out of prison so soon for murder, ‘good behaviour’, lol.

    Looks like he made good money though:

    Father Momis lies down with some interesting people.

  2. ErengDuu

    Thanks MOMIS now WE’RE FUCKED..PARDON MY LANGUAGE GUYS..Check Rio’s shares at Dow. The prices climbed..

  3. Fred Hela

    Good luck people of Bougainville, no longer passengers in the back of a PMV from Arawa/ Panguna to Buka. Now you are the drivers of your destiny. Momis, truly a remarkable leader has finally got you over the line to be who you really want to be, after maybe 40 years at the helm. .

  4. It seems Momis has forgotten his own history when he vehemently complained about the practices and the environmental damages caused by the mining company BCL at Panguna back in 1987.
    He has obviously been “sucked in” by the BCL mining company, who tonight sip champagne with their shareholders, the PNG Government, the Australian Government and of course, Peter Taylor the current Managing Director of BCL. Don’t forget that, Peter Taylor is also a director of several Rio Tinto Group companies and the current president of the Australia Papua New Guinea Council.
    No doubt, Peter Taylor is very merry Ozzie man tonight knowing his wage packet will increase as the BCL shares apparently rise and his appetite for copper and gold reserves sustain his greed in the name of “development”.
    Peter Taylor will be dancing with John Momis under the moonlight (again).

    Business Description:
    Bougainville Copper Limited (BOC) is an Australian copper, gold and silver mining company engaged in investment activities. BOC’s assets are the Panguna Mine and associated facilities on Bougainville Island, Papua New Guinea.
    Strategy Analysis:
    BOC is working towards preparation for the possible re-commencement of operations at the Panguna mine site. The political situation has stabilised and there is some appetite for the development of copper and gold reserves. BOC is working towards establishing the present value of existing mine assets and accessing the sites from local landowners.

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