Lima Mullung & others fetching bones from the dog, MCC

While the Basamuk people are arguing with the Chinese miners at MCC over the ‘tonnes of toxic chemical’ spill at Basamuk Bay in Madang Province, Lima Mullung, the said Basamuk Landowners Association Chairman got on an MCC boat and ran off to town.

Now Lima here is suppose to be the people’s mouthpiece but he’s been the opposite, the Chinese’ mouthpiece to the people ever since he became ‘it’, so the people’s cries this time are again falling on deaf ears. He’s been living in a house and is driving a maroon land cruiser used as bait by the Chinese to keep him on their leash. He’s never at the village and when he’s in Basamuk, he’s at the mine site with the Chinese and not at the village with the people.

Lima Mulung, remember him? The dog on MCC’s leash? Turns out he likes it that way and there are more dogs like him. We’ll get to these other dogs, you may know others too but let’s start with Lima here.

Poor Lima is ‘the’ puppet selected by the Chinese miners’ ultimate ‘Puppet System’ called the ‘Landowner Association. This is so that being the only one, a chairman, his strings can be easily pulled, stretched or twitched anytime and anywhere.

Sadly, what Lima doesn’t know is that the puppet master can easily cut off those strings anytime. Now puppet masters being foreigners are one thing but the puppet master here being the ‘Foreign MINER’? PHEW! For sure they’re not here to help you Lima or any other Papua New Guineans for that matter, they’re here to MINE, as much as they can.

Now in order to get as much as they can with little or no interruptions, they need a lot of dogs, lots and lots of dogs as many as possible to guard them, and that’s where Lima Mulung here comes in, the Community Affairs offices, the police officers, the Department of Environment and Conservation officers, the Mineral Resource Authority officers, the local MPs, the Ministers and many more that you may know of.

Let’s say dogs because dogs beg for the rest of their lives but only end up getting a bone from their masters, despite how painfully they carry out their tasks faithfully. Now that, is exactly what those mentioned above are doing, cleaning up the Chinese miner’s filthy mess on all fours for just a piece of bone.

The sad fact is, that all these people who are currently dogs to the Chinese miner, should be the masters. They should be the ones to hold onto the pigs and tell the miner who is ‘the dog’ to fetch the bone whenever they feel like, but they choose to let their foreign miner friend come into their country, sit on their throne, and while they clean up the filthy mess below the throne and beg on all fours with saliva dripping mouths, ‘it’ gets their pigs and throws them a bone to fetch. Can you picture that? A dog on a throne feeding its masters a bone?

You see the Chinese miners are currently on a tax holiday of 10 years! Wow! They obviously had to get as much as possible from the ground, and I’m not talking about only nickel and cobalt here, I mean anything and everything, even fresh water, as much as possible from the ground before the 10 years end.

By the way just a reminder, taxes pay for the basic services that Papua New Guineans, YOU need like health, education and other infrastructures but, you’re not getting any from these ‘developers’, the Chinese miners.


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