ABG considering large scale mining on Bougainville

 John Momis making his usual superficial and disenguous mining = development pitch…


Troy Taule | PNG Loop

President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ABG), Dr John Momis says the ABG is considering allowing large-scale mining again on Bouganville because of its need for revenue.

Momis was speaking after the ABG passed a new long-term Bougainville Mining Law on Thursday.

“We lack even the most basic acceptable standards in essential services, like health and education. We lag behind the rest of the world. Without significant ABG revenue, that situation will never change,” said Momis.

He went on to say he wanted the best possible hospitals, early childhood centres, schools, clean power, and good roads to all accessible areas and good shipping services for Bougainville.

He said these things are the essential basics for Bougainville to gradually develop a sustainable economy where all share in the benefits.

“True autonomy, or true independence, will only come when we have our own sources of revenue, capable of providing the best possible services to our people.

“It is an unfortunate truth that the only way any of us can see of generating this revenue is mining.

“But we need to approach this with great care. Mining itself is not a sustainable activity, as the minerals are a finite resource. So the key will be to use the mining revenue wisely, to promote and generate sustainable economic growth,” said Momis.


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