LUSH joins fight against seabed mining

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LUSH, the global makers and retailers of fresh, hand made cosmetics, with over 900 stores worldwide, have joined the fight against experimental seabed mining.

LUSH has joined forces with Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (KASM) to save New Zealand’s natural coastlines.

lushLUSH has previously campaigned to raise awareness and garner support to conserve our marine ecosystems and biodiversity. In its new campaign both KASM and LUSH are aiming to put pressure on legislators to implement a moratorium on seabed mining operations, pending the commission and completion of thorough scientific research into the impacts and implications of such industrial activities. KASM has been already successful in blocking past seabed mining operations in the courts.

The campaign will be running in LUSH stores from April 7 to April 15, customers will be given an opportunity to sign a petition and even share a personal message they would like to be sent to members of parliament regarding seabed mining. The campaign aims to spread awareness and also to demonstrate public support for an immediate ban on seabed mining.

Lola Figuero, LUSH Campaigns Manager says:

“In-store ethical campaigns are a brilliant way to raise awareness of our responsibilities as a company and as custodians of the planet. Seabed mining has the potential to irreparably damage fragile coastal environments. It’s important to act now to protect and conserve our coastal and marine ecosystems.”

Some industry estimates claim as much as a third of future mineral production could come from beneath the oceans. It is therefore crucial that we learn to curtail destructive and environmentally irresponsible operations, which have the potential to eradicate marine life from huge stretches of seabed and cause massive habitat degradation.

Phil McCabe, founder of KASM, says:

‘New Zealand is an Island Nation full of Coastal People. We love our marine environment and will not allow it to be damaged by an unproven industry called Seabed Mining. Our government has underestimated the destructive nature of seabed mining as well as the commitment of New Zealanders to protect our oceans for future generations. We’re stoked to have LUSH standing beside us as we call on our government to place a moratorium on seabed mining.’

Throughout the week-long campaign LUSH will be donating all proceeds from the sale of its exclusive, Limited Edition campaign product, Life’s a Beach body scrub (RRP $10.90) to KASM in support of their legal work against seabed mining. 


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