Purum lays claim to Mt Kare mine



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6 responses to “Purum lays claim to Mt Kare mine

  1. Cat Man

    I wonder if that kind of gold extraction translates well to copper mining. Perhaps BCL could take a leaf out of Purum’s operations manual, or perhaps Purum would be more welcome than BCL at Panguna!

  2. Sii Gates

    Sounds and looks so cool. But leaves some to wonder which Mt Kare Gold is Purum claiming ? Because the Mt Kare in PNG has to pass thru me.!

    • No, the Mt Kare Project has to pass through the government of PNG.
      It’s not yours at all.
      Thats why no one wants to invest in PNG.
      Because of people like you who have no regard for the wider community and no belief in PNG as a nation.
      Greedy and selfish are two words to describe your mentality.
      You obviously have not yet got the message.

  3. EX-LARO

    Mt Kare is an over due Gold Project. Can we just move on with positive mindsets and develop the project….Old ones and even young ones who would have benefited from the project have passed away….many will follow soon.

    • No one wants to invest in PNG because of the history of many of these projects.
      Thats the problem

      • concerned123456

        One problem is that the PNG Government Members become politicians from their based Electorates which they lobby their people through their Customs and Tradition understandings., then when the NOW member lands in POM they change to the Westminster System and ignore their Customs and then manage the electorates Foreign Investment from POM.

        Always…. that means the Foreign Investor fills the belly of the Member to achieve the initial grounding.

        In the matter of Indochine with their Directors sitting in their Sydney offices creating smoke and mirrors and speculations on the ASX Stock Exchange to arouse shareholders to invest in a Mt Kare mine with no intentions at all to actually mine the mountain.
        With the ridiculous Landowner Study fiasco (Melanesian Way) stipulated by MRA is just perfect example of POM trying to manage Customary People by using a Fijian with his own agenda’s, sorry but lol.

        In fact pngblogz the Power of the People from Mt Kare sorted the corrupted actions and intentions of IDC new and replaced Board and Directors and their collaboration with the full belled PNG members.

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