Cyanide spillage worries villagers

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The National aka The Loggers Times

ABOUT 500 block holders living in the vicinity of the Warangoi River system in East New Britain are concerned about how cyanide spillage from the abandoned Sinivit gold mine is being handled.

Pinvue Emmanuel, the interim chairman of Minamal Welfare Association, said they were disappointed with the way the issue was being dealt with and the lack of awareness by the Department of Environment and Conservation, Department of Health, Mineral Resources Authority and provincial disaster office.

He is representing Viviran, Vunakaur, Bitakapuk and Warangoi villages.

Provincial administrator Akuila Tubal issued a warning last month to the people living within the vicinity of the Warangoi River not to consume dead fish, eels or any other forms of aquatic life.

Villagers both up and downstream were restricted from using the river system for drinking and other purposes until tests were carried out by specialists from the Department of Environment and Conservation.

He said despite the warning people were still using the water by crossing with their garden produce and it was a great concern. He said innocents were becoming victims.



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2 responses to “Cyanide spillage worries villagers

  1. These days the spillage can easily be solidified into cement blocks and safely buried. Obviously this will bring the overheads up higher.

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