New Dawn denial of links to the mining industry challenged by new evidence

“No, we have no links to mining companies”, said Aloysius Laukai of New Dawn Radio yesterday, 9 April 2015 (see story below).

Yet, on 7 October 2014, New Dawn radio embraced mobile technology to increase its reach on Bougainville to enable better coverage all over Bougainville.  Funds were needed, so who funded the upgrade?

Answer: The upgrade was jointly funded by the Autonomous Bougainville Government and BOUGAINVILLE COPPER FOUNDATION which is funded through the mining company BCL (Bougainville Copper Limited) which in turn is majority owned by Rio Tinto

“An upgrade to radio infrastructure, jointly funded by the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the Bougainville Copper Foundation, is expected to be completed soon and will deliver FM signal throughout the region.”


Bougainville issues campaigner criticises mining lobby impact on news

Pacific Media Centre 

A new mining law was passed last month by the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG), opening up talk of the reopening of the Panguna mine – the catalyst of a 10-year civil war.

Many are against the controversial idea, but Australian-based campaigner Vicki John from the Bougainville Freedom Movement, said there were issues with getting their message out.

“I think it’s obvious to most peace activists the mining company are … a very powerful lobby,” she told Pacific Media Watch.

“They don’t seem to be accountable to anybody and it’s the people in Bougainville that want these things addressed but they seem to be ignored so hence I am probably in that role, I’m trying to help.”

She claimed the ownership of websites, such as broadcaster New Dawn FM, are affecting what news gets out.

“It’s like another way of brainwashing by the mining company,” said John, who in 2004 was awarded the Elizabeth Hastings Memorial Award by the University of Technology, Sydney, for her human rights work.

“A clever tactic to have that station set up for them basically.”

Link denied

But the manager of community broadcaster New Dawn FM, Aloysius Laukai, denied there was any link between his station and the mining companies.

“No, we have no links and that’s why we have put up heaps of stories and cover events such as the mining forums,” he said.

“There must be some confusion with the us and another Bougainville news website”.

Bougainville24 news website is produced by Bougainville Copper Ltd.

Laukai said the focus for New Dawn was on the people.

“We are talking to the community, we have a focus on community issues like health and development issues,” he said.



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8 responses to “New Dawn denial of links to the mining industry challenged by new evidence

  1. A donation usually doesn’t establish a special relationship between the donor and the recipient. In the case at hand I would be very surprised if BCL’s financial contribution gave it operational or editorial control of New Dawn FM. Certainly I would require far more evidence before going public with such a disturbing claim.

  2. Cat Man

    WB, Vicious John is capable of going public with ANY kind of nonsense and has been doing it for years. Her line of reasoning suits her purpose, even if it doesn’t make sense to most people. WB, keep this in mind: if you help finance the upgrade of an orphanage in Cambodia, you now control that orphanage. Maybe if you donated to the Red Cross or some other charity, you would now control that charity. Wow, you could become very powerful by donating to good causes!

  3. pui nirai

    WB, and if John keeps plastering, pasting, blabbing and peddling the same nonsense someone might even take notice and award her a medal of honour and heroism thinking she is the real thing. How silly, she has hardly been to and seen the progress in Bougainville under ABG and the genuine attempts by all parties, including 9 Panguna mine-affected land owner associations, to address all legacy issues to do with mining.

  4. Cat Man, I used to donate to charities, including Red Cross, here in Australia when I was in paid employment and I don’t feel that I have any control over those organisations. I know that BCL’s assistance to New Dawn was much, much more than my occasional $20 to Red Cross or World Vision, but surely it’s a donation to Bougainville’s infrastructure and the people of Bougainville rather than to New Dawn itself. As a member of the Bougainville community (first by adoption and later by marriage), I don’t feel that I’m obligated to BCL in any way as a result of the company’s contribution to Bougainville’s communication services.

    Pui Nirai, I think you’re quite right. Although I’m a member of the Bougainville community, I wouldn’t feel comfortable making the claims that Vikki does, as I haven’t been back to Bougainville in many years and I’m not in a position to know exactly what’s happening ‘on the ground’ up there. Somehow Vikki believes she does. Hmm, maybe it’s time I came home to check things out. Would I be permitted to visit villages and places like that to talk to people? I could bring some cash (not too much) for road block passage.

  5. pui nirai

    Warwick, it is a stupid logic peddled by these outsiders living and enjoying the comforts of proceeds from a plethora of mining companies that continue to dig up Australia to do a roaring trade with China. The mining industry, despite the diminishing earnings for Australia, will continue to be the Achilles heel for the country’s foreign earnings because China’s insatiable demand for natural resources will continue.

    I have close friends that contribute to charities locally and abroad (WWF, Doctors Without Borders, World Vision, etc) and they are not beholden to these organisations or charities. If the truth be told, the level of humanitarian aid BCL feels obliged to provide now is mostly, if not all, at the behest of landowners. ABG’s concern is that if people are baying for BCL’s support for their past involvement, this has to be done in a sensible way.

    The process of negotiations between ABG, Landowners in their own entity and BCL that have been going on actually precede Momis’ Presidency. Any President that leads Bougainville has to deal with Panguna and BCL. And the issue is not solely about reopening Panguna. Absolutely not. It is plain simplistic nonsense for John and her foreign green beret cadres to keep harping about mining in the language they use. They have no respect for the people’s elected Government, no respect for the President who is elected directly by the people and scant respect for the Bougainville population.

    If Panguna reopens it will be a determination made by all Bougainvilleans. John and her friends’ hyped views will count for very little. She has been knit witting a noose to use for her own demise as obvious from the exasperated anger by Bougainvilleans on Bougainville.

  6. pui nirai

    WHAT evidence? The evidence is a concocted artwork quickly quickly pasted together to represent something that majority of Bougainvilleans will never relate to or understand. It is absolutely pathetic.

    These people quickly dress up Aloysius Laukai as Uncle Sam’s with a pointed message that Uncle Aloysius will fix you! The man is innocent and innocuous. The lengths to which Ms John and her friends will go to, to push their message is desperate and appalling. When people get desperate they can lose all common sense and any sense of fair judgment.

    Bougainville News is home grown. It is a decision for editors to make if they do not want to include any highly opinionated and scurrilous views and comments that are false, disrespectful, abusive and not in the best interest of Bougainville.

  7. Cat Man

    Pui Nirai, Vicki & Co don’t believe Bougainvilleans are capable of home growing anything. In their minds, Bougainvilleans need outsiders to organise and direct, whether it be BCL/Rio, Jubilee, the Fidel Castro man, or Vicki herself!

  8. Mr PUI,
    You are hilarious!!!
    The photo of Aloysious Laukai dressed up as Uncle Sam was from the
    European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC) website. Yes, the lengths that ESBC, BCL and Rio Tinto have gone to push “their message is desperate and appalling”.
    Your “highly opinionated and scurrilous views and false comments are disrespectful, abusive”, TOTALLY WRONG and again, time you apologised to the Bougainville Freedom Movement who actually support peace and justice for Bougainville, without the mining company “brainwashing” and manipulating the people on Bougainville with their biased “pro-mining” reporting.
    The issue is that the manager of the community broadcaster of
    New Dawn FM, Aloysius Laukai, denied there was any link between his station and the mining companies.
    The missing link is that New Dawn FM is supported by the Bougainville Copper Foundation funded by Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) and the European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC).
    So Mr PUI, the facts have been exposed and we look forward to your apology.

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