New Dawn FM and the Bougainville mining lobby machine?

Radio New Dawn needs you

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PACIFIC MEDIA WATCH’S Alistar Kata has just filed an interesting report about the virtual “shut out” of no-mining critics in Bougainville in the lead-up to the elections next month. The report was about a head-to-head interview with the Bougainville Freedom Movement’s long-time campaigner Vikki John and New Dawn FM broadcaster Aloysius Laukai, both past award winners for their contrasting roles.

John claimed the “ownership” of news websites was hampering opposition news, saying this was another form of “brainwashing” by the company that is angling for resumption of copper mining at Panguna, the mine which triggered the 10-year Bougainville civil war. However, Laukai was at great pains to reject any alleged links to the powerful Bougainville Copper Limited mining lobby.

Last month’s new mining law passed by the Autonomous Bougainville Government’s legislature last month has paved the way to make reopening of the mine possible.

“No, we have no links and that’s why we have put up heaps of stories and cover events such as the mining forums,” Laukai told Kata. “There must be some confusion with us and another Bougainville news website.”

He was probably referring to Bougainville24 news website, which is produced by Bougainville Copper Ltd. But that isn’t the end of the story.

According to the European Shareholders of BCL, they have been backing New Dawn FM and have promoted an appeal to channel funds to the community broadcaster, founded with UNESCO support in 2008.

A link to this was revealed in a posting on the Pacific Media Centre website today, which referred to ABG and Bougainville Copper Foundation funding for New Dawn. The European Shareholders webpage goes like this:

Radio New Dawn Needs You - BCL Euro

The European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper New Dawn appeal


Radio New Dawn on Bougainville has been founded a couple of years ago. It is the first free network made by Bougainvilleans for Bougainvilleans. At the present, the radio station is in threat of shutting down. 

Small revenues from local businesses and the Autonomous Bougainville Government cannot guarantee its existence. Bankruptcy would be fatal. 

Radio New Dawn is the only genuine voice of Bougainville compared to all other media who report from PNG’s capital Port Moresby – some 1000 kilometres away.  

Aloysius Laukai, manager and chief editor, [has] been honored for his work in the past. But honors alone cannot assure the broadcaster’s survival. The ESBC appreciate a lot [of] the crew’s information work. After years of uncertainty during the Bougainville crisis, Radio New Dawn created a new public awareness and self-confidence on the island. 

Therefore, the European Shareholders of Bougainville Copper (ESBC) are proud of supporting this shining project. This is in the interest of locals and all those from abroad who benefit from Radio New Dawn’s internet blog that updates information on the positive development in Bougainville.  Financial funding will be highly welcome. 

We strongly hope that our initiative will be successful and help to maintain Radio New Dawn’s services in future. Please find our account information here! You also can send funds directly to Radio New Dawn on Bougainville.

Late last year, on October 7, the BCL mining website announced that New Dawn FM had turned to modern mobile phone apps and social media to cover news in remote parts of Bougainville region.

“Station manager Aloysius Laukai now has 15 staff members working under him as the team seek to build awareness on the biggest issues affecting Bougainville,” reported the BCL website.

“Laukai and his reporters use WhatsApp and Viber, cross-platform mobile apps, to exchange information and file stories.”

It was also reported that a radio infrastructure upgrade was being funded to enable FM coverage across the whole region. Who was paying the bills? “Jointly funded by the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the Bougainville Copper Foundation,” said the BCL website.

Bougainville’s two-week regional elections next month begin on May 11.

Listen to Alistar Kata’s Pacific Media Watch report here giving another side to the story.



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6 responses to “New Dawn FM and the Bougainville mining lobby machine?

  1. Cat Man

    I don’t believe anti-mining critics have been “shut out”. They shout louder than anyone else. They have nothing new to say — they just shout! If they’ve been banned from any media outlets, it would be because they’re confrontational, rude and deceptive. Arguing your case is well and good, whichever side you’re on, but shouting and waving street banners electronically can become intolerable. So if some venues have shut them out, it would be to prevent objectionable, inaccurate material being broadcast from their venue. Meow!

    • Banned from telling the truth Cat Man, is certainly a problem for those who do not support the mining company and its shareholders. They have nothing new to say because they know the tactics of the “pro-mining” lobby who continue to corrupt and brainwash the people on Bougainville by using the media (which they fund) on Bougainville and the government of Bougainville who have been coerced into listening to the mining company, its Australian advisors who continue to dictate “we know what’s best for you Bougainville”.
      We still wonder why the current President John Momis, has done a “backflip” encouraging the same mining company Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL), back to Bougainville to possibly re-open the Panguna mine, when he is well aware of what BCL and Rio Tinto have done to the people of Bougainville and the environment.
      Our information is not inaccurate. We do not reject the past history or forget the death toll of 15,000 to 20,000 people on Bougainville from 1989 to 1997, thanks to BCL and Rio Tinto, the PNG Government and the Australian Government.
      Let us face it… you and your pro-mining mob have been shut out of Bougainville since the Panguna mine was closed in 1988.
      So, who needs to be “confrontational, rude and deceptive now” Cat Man?

  2. Frank Akuani

    CRA did this back in the colonial times. They tried to beam out the BS for all to hear. At least back then the kiaps came out to the village. The governments too bloody lazy to even do that today.

    My my, we have legislation written from abroad being passed through parliament (London instead of Canberra!), we have a political leader telling everyone mining is the key to independence (and anyone who thinks differently is primitive!), and we have putrid attacks on anyone resisting Rio Tinto’s return – get out the flares, we are back in the 1960s!

  3. Cat Man

    Thanks Vacuous Vicki, you’ve just proved the points I made in my previous posting. You’re singing the same old song with the same inaccuracies. Meow!

  4. Cat Man,
    You are so boring and such a time waster!!!
    You get on the streets and strut your thing Cat Man and meow loudly with your megahone!
    And sing a song whilst you at it. Can I suggest, “Row row row your boat gently down the plug hole”

  5. Cat Man

    VJ, the fact that you copy my comments, even though they make no sense within the context you use them, indicates just how vacant you are, e.g. strutting with a megaphone is your scene, not mine. In case you don’t ‘get’ that, remember that you’re the protester, not me (unless you’ve changed your role, which would be good). Growl!

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