PNG women applaud US-based Earthrights International for suing Barrick Gold

ariel view of the Porgera mine
NBC | PNG Today

The Women of Papua New Guinea have applauded the decision by a United States-based non-government organization, for successfully suing Barrick Gold over sexual violence against the women of Porgera in Enga Province.

Eleven women were sexually assaulted by police and security guards at Porgrera two decades ago.

The women were represented by lawyers with US-based NGO group EarthRights International.

National Council of Women President, Theresa Jaintong told NBC News, it’s a welcoming news for the women of the country.

“It’s the first of its kind that women are being helped.

“The decision has been taken in their favour and I really thanked those NGO group, the law firm in USA for helping these young women who wouldn’t have the support because they couldn’t afford it.

“I’m happy about the outcome”.

Barrick Gold has agreed to sort the issue outside of court and pay compensation to the 11 women, who were then about 14 and in the 80’s, when the crimes took place.

However, Mrs. Jaintong says the perpetrators must still be brought to justice.

“Justice must prevail. If its going to be settled outside of court, the culprits will not learn, especially the police force, the law enforcement security guards because the women will live through the trauma.

“And for the company to settle it outside the court, how do they punish those people?”.



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4 responses to “PNG women applaud US-based Earthrights International for suing Barrick Gold

  1. Lester Seri

    It is encouraging to read about PNG Women support for their womenfolk victims at the hands of Barrick Gold. While acknowledging the Women support, I must say, I am disappointed with lack of any support whatsoever from either members of civil society or women group from PNG over the years that our people have suffered and their environment destroyed. More so the fact that, the good news we are celebrating now is solely because of the relentless efforts of few overseas NGO campaign and advocacy including few PNG based groups.

    This raises the question of whose interest do civil societies’ represent as groups in PNG?

    Lester Seri

  2. Fred Hela

    Does Theresa Jaintong realize that this the government of PNG’s responsibility, not NGOs? Her women’s group should be putting pressure on the govt to care for it’s own citizens.

  3. Esto lo refleja bien:
    Jamás en la vida encontraréis ternura mejor y más desinteresada que
    la de vuestra madre – Honore de Balzac 🙂 ¡Un saludo!

  4. Bernard Kelontii

    Justice can now be down if Court proceeds. Thanks to those who have gone through to seek such assistance abroad as this can not be achieved in PNG where there is so much rot in the handling of such cases. Really money talks and shuts mouth in such situations, I believe so PNG can not speak out to condemn and follow up on issues such as this. There are many such cases out there in Mining areas and other resource developments in PNG. People especially women should speak out other than hiding behind cultural and customary blankets..

    For you Enga Women, your bold step out of the blanket is here now applauded. Follow through and get this giant down as they are falling out of the seat they held for too long – Leading Global Gold Miner

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