Momis eager to start negotiations with Rio Tinto

John Momis

Never mind the war crimes, President of Bougainville, John Momis, wants Rio Tinto back. Photo: RNZI

Bougainville ready to start talking mining

Radio New Zealand

If Bougainville’s caretaker president John Momis is re-elected in next month’s elections his government will immediately begin discussions on re-opening the Panguna mine.

The huge mine was the catalyst for the civil war that engulfed the Papua New Guinea autonomous region for much of the 1990s.

Mr Momis says a resumption of mining is the only way Bougainville can become economically viable and meet the conditions for a referendum on independence which must be held by 2020.

He says with the new Mining Law now in place guaranteeing local landowners control of their resources he is confident Bougainville can safely resume mining.

“After the election we will be taking immediate steps to talk to Rio Tinto [the parent company of Bougainville Copper Ltd, which had operated the Panguna mine]. We will find out whether they are interested. If they are not we will try another company. Look you know, we can try others.”



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2 responses to “Momis eager to start negotiations with Rio Tinto

  1. I believe it too late to start any negotiation now. PNG has cost mining companies and its shareholders their life savings. PNG only thinks of the minerals they have in the ground but don’t realise the cost and the bigger problems with trying to deal with the so called owners rights. These should have been settled in the first place. I believe the so called owners rights changes along the way thus making it impossible for any company in this world to work out an agreement when it keeps changing to suits the land owners. Good Luck

    • Fred Hela

      Have you just come from Mars? Too late to negotiate…well good, get lost with your money. It’s not your money after all, its stolen money from our resources.

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