Micah warns mining firms

Mining and logging companies won’t be concerned by this warning from a corpulent Minister facing his own corruption charges

PNG already has plenty of good environmental laws but nobody ever gets punished for breaching them…

… and Micah has already sat silent while his own home, New Ireland, has been trashed by illegal logging and mining..


Isaac Nicholas | Post Courier

PUBLIC Enterprises and State Investment Minister Ben Micah has put extractive industries on notice to respect and protect the environment.

He said logging, mining, oil and gas companies would not be allowed to dump their waste into the river systems under a new legislative framework currently being developed by Water PNG and Eda Ranu with coordination from the Independent Public Business Corporation.

“As much as we want to export our gas, minerals and logs, we must be very careful not to poison ourselves in the process,” he said.

Mr Micah said the Bougainville crisis started from an environmental issue with the polluted Jaba River which led to a conflict that claimed more than 20,000 lives.

“How many more rivers, streams and aquifers are going to be polluted tomorrow because of our mad rush for development of mineral resources, hydrocarbon assets and forest resources?” He said.

Mr Micah added that the National Executive Council has approved the Water and Sanitation (WAS) Policy, it will be used as a guide for the creation of new legislations to protect water resources in the future.

“I will be taking a submission to Cabinet to clearly seek NEC approval for Water PNG and Eda Ranu to be the main drivers of the WAS policy.

“They will work with other agencies, especially Health Department, National Planning and Environment and Conservation, so that can get support from international agencies that have the latest technology.

“We will also have access to low interest rates to help us develop the capacity of Water PNG and Eda Ranu to deliver this very vital service to the people of Papua New Guinea.

“I intend to do that by getting IPBC to take the lead in putting together a strategy that will enable Eda Ranu and Water PNG to become responsible for protecting water supply.

But firstly, we need to upgrade and improve current services that are being provided in Port Moresby and other urban centres.



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3 responses to “Micah warns mining firms

  1. Fred Hela

    Headless choke he is……who is going to listen to well known crooks. Infact they take advantage is ruining our environment and depleting our resources.

  2. concerned123456

    What was Micah’s political input into the Fly River, being polluted by the PNG State owned OK Tedi Mine.
    What did he support regarding the rehabilitation of the Tailing system and the many waterways flowing into the Fly.
    What has Micah contributed to the rehabilitation of the now generations of Western People mutated and biology affected by the polluted Fly.

    The PNG Government Ministers support any extraction if they are pre – compensated from the extractors before work starts ( politicians with a full belly). In fact numerous statistics provide that data, according to the World Bank 70% of logging in PNG is illegal, although PNG Customs provide export documentation for logging containers to leave the shores of PNG.

    What Audit Policy is in place to validate the extremes of Environmental
    and Hydrology Damage in PNG? – especially when the Governmental oversee has already a full belly.

    How can the Polluter’ be fined? Please don’t expect the PNG Court system to justify Mecah’s announcement.

    This fellow has been running along with PNG Water and his Israel friends for a while now and is being taught the art of being a Master of Spin.

  3. Moses Koliwan


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