Lihir landowners not happy with Newcrest

Newcrest Mining keen to boost ties with landowners 

The National aka The Loggers Times

NEWCREST Mining Limited is committed to working with landowners in Lihir to ensure long term sustainability of its operations and the continuation of benefits, country manager Peter Aitsi says.
He said this following concerns raised by Lihir Mining Area Landowners Association (LMALA) chairman James Laketan that the Australian miner had intentionally left landowners out in core activities at Lihir, which included a shipping contract that was tendered to outside companies.
Laketan had said the loss of business was an example of the developer’s lack of consideration of its commitments to landowners.
He added that there were other examples of the developer’s failure to acknowledge past agreements, which were now putting Lihir business at risk.
Aitsi said however Newcrest through its subsidiary Lihir Gold Limited (LGL) had been regularly meeting with its suppliers including landowner companies to work proactively to improve the capacity of these organisations and improve on the efficiency of their services to its operations.
“LGL has not terminated any contracts; at this stage Lihir is undertaking a comprehensive review of all of its contracts,” he said.
“We are working collaboratively with our suppliers – local, national and international – to improve their costs and competitiveness.
“As a result of the global down-turn in the resource sector, LGL like other mining companies in PNG and around the world are looking to drive greater efficiencies through their operations.
“This is a difficult time for the resource sector, however LGL is firmly committed to working with landowners, our host community and the Government to ensure the long term sustainability of our operations and the continuation of benefits over the longer term,”
Aitsi said that agreements reviewed under integrated benefits package 2 concerning existing landowner benefits package in relation to the mine continued to be recognised by the miner and still remained in place.



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2 responses to “Lihir landowners not happy with Newcrest

  1. Can you tell me any one company the land owners are happy with? Do you think any company is happy with the landowners???

  2. Fred Hela

    Poor landowners!! blind leading the blind. They have absolutely no idea about mining, about their rights, legally paralyzed because even today lack of knowledge. They haven’t woken up to the fact the gold Newcrest is making millions from belongs to them.

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