Nation’s Lutherans await PM’s response on ‘experimental’ seabed mining

lutherans seabed mining

Rachel Shisei | PNG Loop

More than 1.2million churchgoers of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG) nationwide are still awaiting Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s response to the petition they handed to his office last year against the controversial Seabed Mining.

lutherans seabed mining 2The ELC-PNG Bible Study Master, Pastor Matei Ibak confirmed that the church hadn’t received any response from Mr O’Neill’s office from the day the petition representing 1.2million of them was made till  today.

Pr Ibak said the church was expecting a response to the petition sooner from Mr O’Neill, since he is a Lutheran churchgoer and therefore proudly regarded as a ‘Son of the Lutheran Church’ being the Prime Minister.

The petition was made at the 29th Synod of the Lutheran Church held on Karkar Island in Madang Province last year, which saw presidents of all 17 districts in the country representing their congregation and siging the petition against Seabed Mining at the Synod.

He said the church clearly stated on the petition that this act to allow the Canadian-owned company Nautilus to touch the country’s seabed is clearly not a Christian practice as it is against what the bible instructs.

The petition signed by the ELC-PNG Head Bishop, Reverend Giegere Wenge, stated the bible verses of Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 2:15 to support their stand against the undersea mining.

The ELC-PNG, like all other NGOs and individuals against this undersea mining, clearly indicated the word ‘experimental’ before the words ‘seabed mining’ on its petition to show that it is against the company experimenting in Papua New Guinea’s seas.




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3 responses to “Nation’s Lutherans await PM’s response on ‘experimental’ seabed mining

  1. Sii Gates

    They are about to destroy one of world’s major breeding ground (Bismarck sea) for tuna using PNG tax money. How can PNG guardians/ stewards of Gods creation be so blind/dumb.

  2. Fred Hela

    Another CANADIAN wrecker of environment and people’s cultures and livelihood. Please read of what Canadian mining companies do all over the world and how their government aids them to make money. I wouldn’t trust any of these crooks whatever the promises they put on the table. Regard them as ALL lies for profit making. Look at Placer and Misima and Porgera, passed onto another Canadian mining company (Barrick). All evidence show anyone in their right mind cannot give even an inch to listen to their false promises.

  3. Kenneth Unamba

    The Government invites foreign investment into the country and has the ultimate power to deny or allow any operations of any kind to take place in this piece of earth we legitimately claim as our country in an environmentally, socially and economically beneficial to this society. Canadians or Chinese or whom soever dose not just come in and set up camp at will so lets stop blaming others when we have ourselves to be blamed for all the screw up happening in PNG.

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