Govt pushes blindly ahead with new mine without understanding past failures

Frieda river to be the next area of PNG sacrificed to foreign greed by politicians and bureaucrats who serve their overseas Masters rather then the people of PNG…

frieda river

Officials visit mine site

The National aka The Loggers Times

THE Government has assured landowners and developers of the Frieda River copper-gold project in West Sepik that it is committed to the resource development.
This followed a meeting last Friday between Mineral Resources Authority, landowners and PanAust officials at the project site, during which MRA managing director Philip Samar said the Government was committed and was awaiting the delivery of the feasibility study by PanAust which is expected by the end of this year.
“The receipt of the feasibility study by the state from PanAust the project developer, would initiate
the next phase of the Frieda project to move it from exploration phase to a development phase,” Samar said.
“The MRA, on behalf of government, will then assist in facilitating the statutory approvals including the grant of the mining lease to enable mine development.”
Landowners expressed their confidence in the Government’s efforts to facilitate the development of the Frieda project into a mine.
Landowner leader Bob Onengim said it was a first time for MRA chief to visit the project site, which he said was a significant show of commitment by the Government.
“We see this visit as a historical and an important one by any government department head, and your visit and presence here on site today has boosted our hopes and dreams that a mine development here in Frieda is imminent after 47 years of exploration,” he said.
Onengim said his group had pledged their support to all stakeholders including PanAust and the government.
PanAust currently indicates that Frieda will commence commercial production around 2020 and delivering in excess of 100,000 tonnes of copper and approximately 200,000 ounces of gold per year over a 20 plus years of mine life.


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One response to “Govt pushes blindly ahead with new mine without understanding past failures

  1. Freida River should be reserved for our future generations. The current government must not be desperate. We have not seen any good output with LNG as yet. Land owners have the power to invite and also reject. The Government is by the people, for the people and we have the power, Our MPs are individuals, they do not have the power to decided unless we say so. On a national scale, we want to experience the LNG and other mining benefits to our country before another mining eventuate.

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