Kainantu landowners hoping for a better future

Mine locals pledge to cooperate with firm

Eric Balaria | The National aka The Loggers Times

IMPACTED communities of the Kainantu gold mine in Eastern Highlands are keen to work with the new developer of the mine through their new association.
Bilimoia Landowners Association Incorporation chairman Neneti Ekara said the five clans from the mining lease on which the mine sits on, were ready to work with Canadian company, Otterburn Resources and its subsidiary K92 PNG Holdings Ltd to ensure the progress of the project mine.
“We do apologise to the developer for the delay we may have caused through internal related issues that we had that have hindered the operation of the mine on their schedule, in this case, the time taken to identify legitimate landowners,” he said.
“Despite these issues however we do look forward to working with them (Otterburn) and other stakeholders of the Kainantu Mine project soon through our newly developed landowner association.”
Ekara said the reformed association was made up of the five declared legitimate landowners of the Kainantu gold mine which includes Ananvatu, Araraantu, Punano, Koyafute and Anon-Araantu.
He added that he was grateful of the Kainantu district lands officers for their efforts into making sure that proper reports and facts were put in place to identify the legitimate landowners.
“We would like to thank the then special land titles commissioner Peter Toliken and other government officials in assisting these clans from the mining area, which has seen them come under an IPA registered landowner umbrella company.”



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4 responses to “Kainantu landowners hoping for a better future

  1. Fred Hela

    Good luck, hope you know what you’re doing, hope you’re receiving excellent legal advise, not self interest paper kind lawyers.

  2. They are not the legitimate landowner from the facts and historical research Original Auri Clan is the legitimate and principal landowner. Stop the bullshits..

  3. Male.clyde

    its better to do fresh mediation and identify higher land owner and lower land owners too, don’t have this selfishness thought.

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