COAL – PNG’s next big thing?

As if the gold, copper, silver and nickel miners have not done enough damage already, now the government and MRA want to open PNG up to the most destructive and damaging mining of all – dirty old, climate destroying, coal… 

And they are wasting K10 million subsidizing the prospective coal miners – money that could be spent on our hospitals!



Sam Vulum | Islands Business

COAL might be the next big thing for Papua New Guinea after gold, copper, silver, nickel, oil and gas.

Though research into coal mining potential is slow, it is now being religiously pursued with the Papua New Guinea Government for the first time ever taking ardent interest.

The Government has committed K10 million to Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) for research into coal mining and coal seam gas industries in the country.

Three international private backers are also behind the investigations to determine whether Papua New Guinea has feasible resources to underpin future coal mining and coal seam gas industries.

Mining Minister Byron Chan said in a unique cooperative approach, the three exploration companies are spearheading the coal exploration initiative.

Mr Chan said Waterford, Mayur Coal and Pacific Mining Partners have come together in Gulf province where highly-prospective discoveries have been made and a drilling program has started.

He said coal has also been identified in various other provinces and it is a mineral that provides much opportunity for PNG, including direct export, power generation and manufacturing.

MRA has confirmed this strong potential for coal and coal seam mining based on its ongoing research. MRA team leader for mapping Chris Wamugl indicated this in a presentation in November 2014 during a the 50th annual session of the Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programs in East and South East Asia, in Kokopo, East New Britain Province.

He said PNG had the potential to go into coal mining and there was a need to develop this mining activity.



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