Jijin [sic] Mining Group says no more environmental damage

Tailings waste from the mine flows through the Porgera Valley in Papua New Guinea’s remote Enga Province. Photo: Emily Allen

Tailings waste from the mine flows through the Porgera Valley in Papua New Guinea’s remote Enga Province. Photo: Emily Allen

The National aka The Loggers Times

THE Jijin [sic] Mining Group, the new partner in the giant Porgera gold mine, says it will ensure there is no more environmental damage to the project impact area.

Group president Jianhua Wang said the company had plans in place to cater for waste from the gold mine in Enga.

“We have the capability and capacity to take measures to improve our environmental protection and we are confident that we will incorporate those best practices of environmental protection to Porgera,” he said yesterday.

The company had built a tailings dam at its Zijinshan mine in China to protect against a once in 500-year flooding events.

Read about Zijin’s terrible environmental and human rights record in China

Wang assured local employees that they would not lose their jobs under the 50 per cent ownership and partnership agreement with Barrick Gold Corporation.

“Zijin’s engagement in Porgera will not cause any local employees any worry that they will lose their jobs to the Chinese employees because it’s our commitment to protecting the interest of the local communities’ employees,” he said.

“If we don’t have any Chinese employees come and work at Porgera that is still ok too,” he said.

Wang noted that if changes were to take place at Barrrick through the arrangement, the pre-conditions would be benefit to the community, the life of the mine would be extended and the company would ensure there was efficiency in how the project was operated.

In May this year, Barrick announced it had formed a joint venture with Zijin after the two companies signed a long term strategic cooperation agreement, which outlined their intent to collaborate in future joint investments.

Zijin operates gold, copper, zinc and platinum mines throughout the world, including Australia, Congo, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Russia, South Africa and Tajikistan.

Last year, it generated US$9.6 billion (K26.4bn) from its global operations.



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2 responses to “Jijin [sic] Mining Group says no more environmental damage

  1. I dont trust this unless the plan is truly implemented.
    During the Barrick ‘s operation, much of the environment has been destructed.

  2. Fred Hela

    Barrick fix up the landowners issues first and Zinjin would best be advised to keep out until Barrick sorts out all the landowner issues. MRA, what should they do,… nothing much because they have no idea of dealing with mining in PNG except for travel allowances at people’s expenses.

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