Ex-combatant being paid to serenade Bougainville’s President

Ex-combatant Moses Pipiro is on the payroll of the Autonomous Bougainville Government, getting paid big bucks to publicly support the President, John Momis, and his economic plans – which include re-opening the Panguna mine (see news story below).  

Do Mr Pipiro’s old comrades know about the tens of thousands of Kina he is getting paid by the ABG?

By Tom Kathoa | New Dawn

Leaders of the Meekamui Defence Force have declared their full support for the referendum’s program.

Commander of Meekamui Defence Force, Moses Pipiro told a recent meeting on the preparation of referendum that his organization fully supports the move and has thrown its weight behind the government’s move.

Meekamui had traditional control over the giant Panguna Mine and has once been seen as an obstacle to peace in the region.

However, this is now not the case and, Mr. Pipiro said it needs the full support and cooperation of all factional groups and individual Bougainvilleans to join hands and walk the part to referendum and eventual independence.

During a meeting with a small delegation from the Referendum Office, Commander Pipiro presented to them a five member Meekamui Working group tasked with producing a Meekamui schedule for awareness, reconciliation and weapons disposal.

He agrees that Bougainville must be free from fear of guns and that Bougainville badly needs a massive economic boost to fund its government operations.

Mr. Pipiro says the Meekamui Defernce Force is in support of the ABG to enable Bougainville to achieve it commitments to the Peace Agreement and for a free and fair conduct of the referendum vote every single Bougainville.



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7 responses to “Ex-combatant being paid to serenade Bougainville’s President

  1. Peter Nerau

    Moses Pipiro is a lone wolf living in Panguna without any support of the MDF soldiers. All the MDF soldiers from north, central and south Bougainville region are under the command of General Chris Uma who is also the president of the Meekamui Military Government. The MMG is a revitalized organization serving the cultural and political needs of the tribal clans in Bougainville from the philosophies of the late president Francis Ona. The MMG superceded the former Meekamui Unity Government which was self serving under former president Philip Miriori and only representative of his clan and tribal groups. Even if they exist and put propaganda on the news media they really do not command any respect from the Meekamui. They only exist in name to solicit funding from ABG and other unsuspecting donor funding agencies.

  2. Mycall Essam

    Please is this true? Where will the government get the money to pay Moses?


    • Peter Nerau

      Mikes you are right, even if ABG has limited funds the political leadership will always dictate to abuse funds to satisfy their political expediency to legitimate an entity that has no followers.

  3. KayLaun

    Sent from my iPad

  4. As stated in the Woodbury report, the Panguna mine should NOT be
    linked to the referendum timetable.
    If the Panguna mine ever re-opens it will cost US$3-4 billion so logistically and obviously there will not be revenue from Panguna before the referendum on Independece for Bougainville which apparently is to be held sometime in 2019.
    So, what plans do the ABG have in mind to boost their economy?
    Perhaps Panguna should be a tourist attraction!!!

  5. Waste of tax payers money and childish political decision at its best to pay such ex-combatant. ABG need to rethink how they lead people of Bogainville

  6. George Penaki

    Reopening of Panguna mining should not be the option between Panguna mine land owners and the government and BCL or CRA. It is the matter that whole Bougainvilleans have a say on it, because not only the blood of Panguna land owners spilt during the civil war that took place on an island. It is the whole Bougainville who shed tears and blood to regain the rights of the people on an island. On the other hand, main access to punguna mine is not through air, however it is through the land from the surrounding, and it should impact the surrounding communities as well. Therefore, government have to go by the views of the whole Bougainville communities on an Island. Government need to consider the “past to set the better future”.

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