PNG mine to move laid-off employees

200 police to oversee relocation exercise…

Radio New Zealand

The management of the Ok Tedi Mine in Papua New Guinea has revealed that all laid-off employees are to be repatriated to their home provinces, until the mine is re-opened.

The company said in a memo that it has begun the repatriation of its employees and families out of Tabubil as a measure to reduce the demand on food and power consumption.

The memo stated that the exercise started two weeks ago and by the end of this month, the company will have moved all families from the site, as the mine would be closed until 2016.

Ok Tedi mine, Papua New Guinea

More than 200 police personnel are to assist in the eviction exercise, and to protect company properties.

The company also stated that the employees were paid retainer payments to assist them during the duration of the lay-off until they are recalled early next year.

The Ok Tedi mine management further stated that all schools in Tabubil will be closed, except to genuine residents of the mine village communities.

The resumption of full operations at the mine is expected early in 2016.



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2 responses to “PNG mine to move laid-off employees

  1. There are no other way to run a buisness , especily in mining ,if it’s not viable ,this is what happens ,as we all have done ,,in all mining operations ,

  2. It is a huge pity that PNG was sucked in by one of the biggest polluters, an Australian company BHP. Then BHP joined another major mining company
    BHP Limited (BHP) and Billiton Plc (Billiton) formally completed their merger, creating the world’s leading diversified resources group, to be known as BHP Billiton in June 2001.
    “We all know that the development of the Ok Tedi mine was fraught with problems from the beginning of construction in the early 1980s. In 2013, the PNG Government seized 100% ownership of Ok Tedi Mine the PNG Government has taken over control of the mine and with support of local community, the mine life was extended.”
    So why did the PNG government get sucked in and not hold BHP respsonsible for the damage done???
    Was it that the colonial masters of the Australain Government supported by the mining company really could not give a damn about the people of PNG?

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