Community orders halt to Bel Kol on Bougainville

Belkol August 13 2015 1

Belkol August 13 2015 2

Belkol August 13 2015 3

Belkol August 13 2015 4

Belkol August 13 2015 5



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5 responses to “Community orders halt to Bel Kol on Bougainville

  1. We were smelling this rotting fish since AGB parliament was bulldozing this mining legislation through. Then not long after they came up with this Bel Kol proposition. Certainly those are foreign ideas.
    Their plan is to reopen the mine and lay their hands on the resources with a design that will alienate original landowners and marginalize any claims of ownership of the rich resources. These type of people are not welcome in PNG. The rest of PNG is behind you the Cental No Go Zone Hardliners in the fight against divisive foreigners and the greedy PNGians who support them.

  2. Congratulations to the Central No Go Zone Hardliners and thankyou for making your continued stand for justice against Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL), Rio Tinto mining, their shareholders, the Australian Government and the Papua New Guina Government.
    The outcome of the INDEPENDENCE vote for Bougainville is subject to the ‘final decision making authority’ of the PNG Parliament, which must give its consent for the outcome to take effect, of course also considering its stake of 19.06% shares in BCL at the defunct Panguna mine.
    Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) is owned 53.58% by Rio Tinto Limited. The Papua New Guinea Government owns 19.06% while public shareholders hold the remaining 27.36% of the share capital. Complicating this mix, the ABG (Autononous Bougainville Government) is now pressured by BCL, Rio Tinto their shareholders, the Australian Governmnet and Papua New Guinea Government to negotiate the resumption of mining at Panguna .
    The Central No Go Zone Hardliners of Bougainville, the Bougainville Freedom Fighters and the Bougainville Freedom Movement (Australia) agree with the Woodbury report in that, “resumption of mining needs to be de-linked from the referendum on BOUGAINVILLE to minimise risk”.

    In peace, solidarity and support for Justice and Independence for BOUGAINVILLE,

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