Minister Chan shows his ignorance over Zijin record

Seems our Mining Minister has failed to do even the most basic due diligence over Zijin’s terrible human rights and environmental record

Mining Minister commends Zijin and Barrick on their partnership

Mineral Resource Authority

Zijin visits minister

Chinese probably can’t believe how stupid and gullible Byron Chan is


Mining Minister Hon Byron Chan last week, welcomed Zijin Mining Group of China into PNG, and commended the company’s confidence in investing in Papua New Guinea’s mining sector.

The minister’s commendation comes after recent announcement of Zijin’s purchase of 50% of Barrick Niugini Limited’s 95% ownership of the Porgera gold mine. The remaining 5% shares are owned equally by the Enga Provincial Government and landowners. Minister Chan told the company that PNG had been hit hard by the falling mineral commodity prices, but despite this and associated investment risks, Zijin,on its own, has chosen to invest in the country.

“Barrick Gold and Zijin are the world’s top 2 gold producing companies. The fact that the PNG Government is now witnessing the 2 leading gold producers doing business in the country is definitely a show of confidence in the mineral sector and we welcome your entry and participation in the Porgera mine”

The Minister acknowledged the international experience and expertise of Zijin who operate a number of mines in Australia, Africa and South America and that experience can be shared here in PNG. He also indicated to the company the challenges of operating here where the social matrix and geographical landscapes can be equally challenging.

Zijin made a presentation to the Minister at the Mineral Resources Authority’s Mining Haus last Friday, where the company featured their profile, experience and operations throughout the world.

Minister Chan told Zijin that the PNG government was privileged to have such a high profile investor in the country especially at these “trying” times which has seen a few mining and exploration companies in PNG either scaling down their operations or closing down operations permanently. Minister Chan pledged the government’s support and co-operation.

Let me, on behalf of government, assure you that your investment is fully supported and both the MRA and my Department stand ready to avail our services to ensure your investment is complemented”

Dr George Fang, Executive Director, Vice President of Zijin, thanked Minister Chan and the National Government for the warm welcome that Zijin had received and conveyed Zijin’s intentions work with the Government, Barrick, and local stakeholders to make a long term commitment to the development of PNG and mining industry.   Dr. Ila Temu, Country Executive Director for PNG, reaffirmed Barrick’s commitment to Porgera and its confidence that the new partnership with Zijin would enable the Mine to generate even greater benefits for all of its stakeholders.

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