More destruction on the way for Milne Bay?

Highlands Pacific discovers Nickel in Milne Bay


Milne BayHIGHLANDS Pacific Limited says it has identified extensive nickel mineralisation at Sewa Bay in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea.

The Australian-based miner said its exploration campaign with joint venture partner Sojitz Group, through augur drilling programmes carried out in March and May, had identified two main areas of mineralistions above 1 per cent that covered an area of 7 square kilometers.

Managing director John Gooding said the exploration results were encouraging and discussions were in place with Sojitz to determine the next steps for Sewa Bay.

“The campaign has confirmed an extensive area of nickel laterite that, with further work, may have the potential to lead to declaration of a resource and ultimately development of a modest mining project,” Gooding said.

Highlands Pacific said the campaign involved 303 augur holes totalling 545 metres, and three pits were dug to a depth of 2 metres.

The drilling was aimed at testing thicker nickel laterite zones formed over ultramafic units which cover some 50 square kilometres.

Highlands Pacific owns the exploration licence (EL) 1761 that is located on Normanby Island near Esa’ala and Sewa Bay in Milne Bay.

The exploration programme budget of USD$460,000 (K) for the project was funded by Sojitz.



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2 responses to “More destruction on the way for Milne Bay?

  1. Spam Fritter

    Why not say something positive for once… Such as “Highlands Pacific helps grassroots Papua New Guineans by generating new work during massive economic downturn”……?? If they had work they could buy the products that generate the profits used by fat cats to fund you lot………

  2. The economic downturn is all about the capitalist thugs who rule Papua New Guinea including Highlands Pacific who are an Australian company.
    In the Milne Bay nickel project “they spend” for the exploration programme a budget of USD$460,000 (K). If they wanted to help the grassroots of PNG they would be considering the environmental destruction this company will cause with Nickel mining at Milne Bay and the people. Sorry, all the company thinks about is its profits and shareholders.
    The grassroots of Milne Bay are ignored and not in the Highlands Pacific equation.
    Why and how do you think this company will help the grassroots of PNG?
    Your definition of “fat cats” is amusing!!!

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