Call to halt Bel Kol Program

Tom Kathoa | New Dawn

The organizers of the proposed BEL KOL Program between Panguna Landowners’ and Bougainville Copper (BCL) have been asked to put an immediate stop to the program.

The opposition to the Bel Kol program is contained in a letter sent to the Chairman of the program, Bruno Babato and Manager of Bougainville Copper Mr. Justin Rogers.

It was signed by some 30 members of the Central No Go Zone Hardliners representing the public, women, youth, community leaders, former combatants and concerned citizens expressing opposition to the staging of the program.

The group says the Bougainville crisis was a fight between Bougainvilleans and Australia and BCL.

The group claims that the Bel Kol program is being pushed by people with hidden motives to benefit from its outcome.

The crisis did not affect only the landowners, but the whole population of Bougainville and therefore the whole population must benefit from any such ideas.

The group wants compensation of K20 billion to be paid before any Bel Kol gathering can take place.

Belkol August 13 2015 1


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One response to “Call to halt Bel Kol Program

  1. K.lown.

    You are Wrong. BCL is not owned by Australia. BCL has shareholders all over the world, (even Bougainville)

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