Fiji: Ninety-two percent oppose mining exploration

Ninety -two percent of Tikina Namosi landowners oppose the extension of mining exploration rights on their land. Yet the Fiji government has ignored their pleas to favour foreign-owned mining interests – a decision the landowners have labelled as corrupt.

The landowners have now written to Prime Minister Bainimarama pleading with him to personally intervene and ensure their wishes for a green economy and protection of their land rights are respected…

Namosi 1

Namosi 2



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3 responses to “Fiji: Ninety-two percent oppose mining exploration

  1. Pere Caginivula

    This is outrageous and grossly a misrepresentation. The Ministry Lands should await the consultation with the landowners before renewal of any SPL once expire.
    This is the 2nd time this had happened. The Minister renewed than without proper consultation but happened now is grossly unfair.
    The landowners have agreed by 92% not to renew the SPL
    Now both the Government and TNLC roll out a Rural Development Plan instead of the rejected Mining.
    Lets works with the landowners to realise their aspirations.

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