Kieta Chief wants talk on Panguna stopped

Aloysius Laukai | New Dawn

The Chairman of the Central Bougainville Council of Elders Chairmen’s John Dona today called on the ABG President to boycott all negotiations on Panguna and divert attention on other economic activity that can get Bougainville into the future.

Mr. Dona said from Arawa that the ABG has wasted millions of Kina on Panguna and nothing has materialized on the many meetings that has been going on both in Arawa, Buka and Port Moresby.

He said these should have been spent on economical activities like the Cocoa activities on Bougainville especially in Tinputz which has attracted Chocolate makers around to world to make their orders.

Mr. Dona said the giant Panguna mine pit can now be used as another tourism attraction.


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One response to “Kieta Chief wants talk on Panguna stopped

  1. George Penaki

    Panguna mining is not the answer in rebuilding Bougainville. Bougainville is rich in every avenues, maybe its time we focus on agriculture and tourism to boost our economy. We have very fertile land and the sea rich in marine resource. The government firstly need to focus on infrastructure development that would connect every local farmers in remote area. Then government need to invest fund into skilling the local farmers, so that they have fair knowledge of how best they can manage their produce in small or medium scale for a start. Finally, the government has to establish very good local and overseas market for the produce. Further more, government will have to continue enforce law and order as it is a back bone of all the developments to take place. Mining should not be the focus today, however it should be left behind and up until Bougainville is independently running its own affairs and draw policies that purely benefits people of Bougainville with full satisfaction.

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