Fiji mining licence for Canadian company

Repeka Nasiko | The Fiji Times

CANADA-BASED Lion One Ltd will be officially handed a licence to mine at Tuvatu, Sabeto, this month.

The firm, which has invested about $56million on exploration works, will begin construction work on the mine’s processing plants.

Company lands and permit manager Moape Navia said board members were hoping to visit the country this month for the official handover of the mining lease documentation from Government.

“The company has to commence developing the mine area in building the infrastructure like the processing plants, tailing dam area and stockpiling ore and other infrastructures that relates to the mine,” he said.

“However, construction work on the processing has not begun yet.

“Landowners from Sabeto and Vaturu will benefit from the project.”

The company recently released the preliminary economic assessment report which revealed capital costs of $US48.6m ($F106.4m) would be spent over the 15-month pre-production schedule.


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