Bougainville No-Go-Zone Hardliners on the Mining Law and the alternatives


Bougainville NO-GO-ZONE Hardliners was formed as Central Hardliners in August this year to put a stop on the Bel Kol with BCL. We changed it to Bougainville Hardliners to cover the whole Island. NO-GO-ZONE refers to the mountains from Deuro to the end of the ranges in Tinputz that are out of bound for any mining companies.

We are against the Bel Kol because it opens the door for BCL to return and set up its office in Arawa that will open the floodgate for other companies. Below you will read the reasons why we are against BCLs’ return.

The Mining Law

The Bougainville mining law is a wolf in a sheep-skin. It was written in favour of BCL and Multinational Corporations by Adams & Smith law firm in England and Mr. Tony Regan an Australian advisor to the ABG on Bougainville.

Momis/Nisira Government has sold Bougainville under this Law to the Multinational Corporations who will come and help themselves while we watch helplessly.

The Mining Act

  • Limits landowner rights, makes it easier for mining companies to get tenements.
  • Communities’ rights of ownership, access and consent are affected.
  • FPIC of people under the UN rights of indigenous people has been violated.
  • Mining companies can enter customary land not legally owned without any agreement.
  • No landowner can protest against any mining company.
  • No landowner is able to stop mining when land is allowed for a ‘public purpose’.
  • Any complaint with a mining company will only be discussed with the company.
  • Our National & Bougainville constitutional rights have been violated.

The penalties under the Act

  1. Removal of boundary markers – K25,000 fine and 30 days in prison
  2. Interfering mining operations – K250,000 and 5 years in prison
  3. Interfering with bid process – K250,000 and 4 years in prison
  4. Interfering with officers duties – K50,000 and 2 years in prison.
  5. Giving false information to an authorized officer – K25,000 and 1 year in prison
  6. An offender refuses to answer questions of authorized officer – K25,000 and 1 year in prison

How the Multinational Corporations take over nations (John Perkins USA EHM)

  1. This is a work of the Economic Hit Men (EHM) who are highly paid  professionals who cheat nations through the Presidents and Prime Ministers to funnel money from the World Bank and Aid organisations into the coffers of huge Corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families.
  2. They encourage world leaders to become part of a network of world commercial interests. In the end they are trapped in the web of debt through loans they borrow for economic recovery. They give promises they will never fulfill.
  3. It is based on a concept that “all economic growth benefits all mankind and that the greater growth, the more widespread the benefits,” to which the leaders fall and sell they nations to a few.
  4. In PNG see Madang cannery owned by a Pilipino Family and in Hela LNG owned by USA.
  • Promises fail, the people are now regretting and  asking how the BRA saved Bougainville from BCL.
  • Madang is no more beautiful, pollution has destroyed the fishing grounds in the harbor. For women who go to the fishing boats for fish, it is now “one fish one fuck.”
  • Hela are recalling the signing of the agreement done in hiding away from them in Rabaul with ExxonMobil an USA oil company. USA/Torokina?

5. Bougainville has a clean slate and must never allow BCL to return with “seven more evil devils.” Find who the EHM is with ABG who helped in writing the Mining Law to trap ABG through the web of debts in Mining.

Our Alternative of Economic Recovery

Our population is only about 370,000 and we don’t need billions of dollars to support such a small population. There is enough money from agriculture. Mining is for the coffers of huge Corporations and  a few wealthy families who are after our wealth.

Remember our basic guiding principles of war. To protect our;

  1. Land and environment, survival.
  2. Culture and tradition, identity.
  3. Future generation, future.
  4. Independence, nation.


Principle 1 is Agriculture. Anyone who talks about mining on Bougainville touches the sore that will take years to heal. The following commodities bring us more than enough money for our population;

1. Cocoa               2. Coconut
3. Rice                  4. Coffee
5. Vegetable        6. Spice
7. Water               8. Timber
9. Cattle              10. Marine
11. Fish                 12. Tourism
13.Biodiesel           14. Etc.

There are supporters around us who are ready to help us with Agriculture. But Momis/Nisira Government has been controlled by EHM to put Bougainville into Multinational Corporations slavery that is part of the New World Order system.

  • Signed under the Chan’s Plan to put Bougainville into “Phoney war mode” under the cover of Peace Agreement.
  • They are after our minerals to mine the Island right down to the sea level with plans to move us to Cairns according to intelligence documents we have.

Reasons for  Resurrection of Hardliners

  1. Bougainville is now under foreign control using Hegel’s philosophy developed in the 1800s of benefiting oneself out of crisis. Hegel, a German called it“Ordo Ab Chao”in Latin which means “Order out of Chaos.” It operates according to a concept that “conflict brings change” and “controlled conflict brings controlled change.” With this philosophy the outcome will be in their favour not ours.
  2. We are now being controlled under the Peace Agreement a continuation of war under a “phoney war mode” according to Chan’s plan. End of war has never been declared yet.
  3. Ausaid money has been used through programs after programs under the Peace Process which has been commercialized to lull the minds of people to forget their past and surrender their future.
  4. Divide-and-rule tactic has been used right from the start of crisis. Why BRA/Resistance, BIG/BRA,  Meekamui factions, killing of FO and TM and talking to groups in isolation to each other working on “soft” and “firm” elements?
  1. Result;
  • Autonomy burial ground for independence.
  • BCL comes back and the mine to be forced open.
  • Opposition to it becomes “law and order issue” for security to deal with.

Hardliners Alternatives of Action.

  1. We want the Mining Law replaced or the sections that violates our rights amended in the present House.
  2. We will allow discussions on Bel Kol only with PNG
  3. Our alternative to mining is agriculture.
  4. We want Mr. Tony Regan with other Australian advisers deported from Bougainville under the orders the PM gave recently.
  5. We will allow discussions on Independence not mining.
  6. We will talk to the Central MPs about our demands.
  7. We will talk to ABG backbencher hardliners.
  8. We will mobilize Bougainville hardliners.


We are on awareness around Central now.

We will move North and South.




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2 responses to “Bougainville No-Go-Zone Hardliners on the Mining Law and the alternatives

  1. Beata

    I admire and respect your courage and hope you have legal advice . Publicise your cause- use GetUp, Avaaz, anything. We in Australia are facing internal colonialism of a similar kind- growth and destruction instead of communities respecting the land as right wing governments restrict the rights of all but corporations and mines.
    I am not surprised that many of our First People turn to drink and drugs, though many too are now using public forums such as those above to gain mainstream support. While some Aborigines now have land rights, won after a long struggle, still they do not have the same power whites/others do. Thus if a mine takes the land of immigrants (whites/Asians) , which they can and do do without our consent, the company must pay just compensation to landowners. But in their own lands the First People get no compensation at all. It is scandalous, just as is your situation. So, sovereignty and equality are separate fights – the first does not guarantee the second…

  2. Catherine Coumans

    Dear Bougainville Harliners, I have rarely seen such a comprehensive and well-informed statement of resistance against the tyranny or resource extraction as this one. Particularly important is that you are not only very clear about what you do not want – based on the very real and devastating experiences you have had in Bougainville – but you also map out an alternative vision of development that is sustainable, equitable, and that respects human rights. Please accept my and MiningWatch Canada’s expression of solidarity with your effort. best, Catherine Coumans

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