Tourism far better than mining for Bougainville: critic

bougainville beach

Photo: Tunuru beach, a potential tourism spot in Central Bougainville

Peterson Tseraha | PNG Loop

There is a call for the Autonomous Bougainville Government to put more into tourism and hospitality on Bougainville.

This would be the right approach instead of spending half the time talking and spending money on mining and mine negotiations, travelling in and out of Bougainville “wasting money’’.

It’s from Ben Kinah of Central Bougainville who told Loop png that tourism had the potential to draw in more money than mining, and money from tourism would yield a share even for those at the grass roots level.

“With mining only certain people will benefit because it is a specialist duty that everybody in mining operations has, but with tourism even grassroots people will get paid for becoming guides, waiters and ordinary workers for guest houses,” Mr Kinah said.

“We have local and private schools here on Bougainville where they’re offering tourism courses. The ABG needs to fund these schools for they’re contributing to the region’s workforce.”

Ben Kinah is the former executive director of the Osi Tanata innovative training centre, one of the most successful NGOs Bougainville has had. Funded by New Zealand aid, it has also a training facility.

“Our main aim now is very simple training like cooking, even a person who never went to a big school will know how to cook for a tourist, but he will make heaps of money,” Mr Kinah said.

“But in mining the poor people will miss out. Mining needs engineers and geologists, something a simple villager can’t do at all,” he said.

“We have some of the most beautiful sights in the world, our beaches, mountains, waterfalls and of course the Panguna mine itself is a great tourist attraction. The government through tourism will get more in taxes.”




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5 responses to “Tourism far better than mining for Bougainville: critic

  1. John Syriatowicz

    This is better , but careful what you wish for , it may come true , Until funds are not secured to have CC’s done , to have money , the people could be taken for many rides more dangerous than one big group , it could be a takeover totally infiltrated , SECURE a FINCIAL & EDUCATED BASE FIRST , this is why I am helping PNG prototype model Sandaun

    Study done in Canberra now being revised for more , $$s is that , 500,000 hectares =$1.4 B/us for CC’s , , better than selling themselves in service ,NEED , need REAL FOUNADTION , Bless xxlana


  2. The reason why they are stopping the Panguna Mine not be oprated because they do no want PNG governmet to take control over their mineral and they want to be on their own. I want to suggest that if they do not allow PNG government to take control of their mineral, I want Peter O’Neil to stop the government service from PNG government department. Let them be their own because they are independent state.

    Larim ol yet stap na lus tin2 lo ol because ol kamap man ya

  3. terry quin

    look what happen to your people and bouganville with mining,the problems will be the same if you allow them to start mining again,tourism is the way to go and the local people benefit from this and it is long term and it will not bring conflict to your people and pollute your beautiful island bouganville. take care terry.

  4. peter O'Donnell

    For tourism you need law & order & security before people will even consider coming to Bougainville. There is so much to offer on beautiful Bougainville but can we make people feel safe there ?

    • Peter, not sure where you are from but assume Australia.
      If so, there is alot of crime in Australia. Do you feel safe in your home town?
      Why are you of the opinion that it is not safe at this stage to go to beautiful Bougainville?
      Why do you feel insecure about going to beautiful Bougainville?
      Peace has prevailed on Bougainville since 1997.
      What is it that people should be fearing about their safety if they visit Bougainville?
      Please clarify.

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