Bougainville: Mining just for the politicians and the elites

Torau Turangparu

The people who want mining are politicians and the elites. They have neither an economic plan nor a vision to sustain Bougainville once it becomes independent. All they talk about is fantastic wealth and revenue to be had from the mine which are likely to end up in their pockets much as it did in PNG.

The people of Bougainville want a type of economy that they can participate in and own the means of production.

Studies have show that countries without natural resources have fared better than the ones that have timber, minerals and other natural resources. They manage their country better while resource rich countries become dependent on finite resources.

Countries with natural resource do not invest money from the extractive sector on Agriculture, tourism or other sustainable industry. The money is misused by politicians and bureaucrats who invest the money offshore as happens in PNG.

The mining bill on which ABG places all hopes is of foreign origin and dose not provide a plan by which money will be managed and the environmental destruction will be minimized.

ABG should forget about mining because it is the source of our problems. If it does not listen to the people something bad will happen.


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One response to “Bougainville: Mining just for the politicians and the elites

  1. Mycall Essam

    What do you mean mining just for politicians and elites? What do you mean by elites?

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