Landowners support Mt Kare gold project developer

The National

A GROUP of landowners from the Mt Kare gold project in Enga are supporting the project developer.

The group representing the clans of Pakeya, Leyapi, Heli, Komai, Yolo, Kewai Terewana and Yangeyame said the Summit Development Ltd, a subsidiary of Indochine Mining Ltd, was able to demonstrate commitment in resolving landowning issues.

They want the company to continue with development of the project.

Landowner chief Timothy Hewe Balope said in supporting the work of Summit Development, the landowners wanted the Government to fast-track the renewal and granting of the exploration license (EL) 1093 to the firm.

“We have seen and experienced a lot of companies coming into develop a project but they shut down operations,” Balope said.

“For the past years, the work by Summit especially with the success of the Land Investigation Study and Land Investigation Reports conducted by the firm has been well received by all landowners.

“The company has done well in its exploration work and we want them to continue with that.

“The EL 1093 held by Summit Development expired in August of last year and since then there has been no word from the Mineral Resources Authority and the Mining Minister’s office on the renewal.


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