Appeal to Canadian miner to clear mess it left behind

The National

POMIO MP Elias Kapavore is calling on the Canadian developer of the abandoned Sinivit gold mine in East New Britain to come back and clean up the mess it left behind.

Landowners during a meeting last week raised their concerns over the damage to the environment and pollution from the mine leaking into the rivers.

Resource owners moved into the mine site recently and tampered with cyanide-filled vats and vandalised the camp buildings, after New Guinea Gold left abruptly in July 2014.

According to the Mineral Resources Authority, under the Mining Act, the company still had mining lease licence at Sinivit, which had not been cancelled.

The company there must ensure that regulations are in place and safety measures followed.

“This is a clear example of a company that is allowed to come in and do everything it could and get whatever it wanted and then gone leaving our people like this,” Kapavore said.

“This is a good lesson for ENB and especially Pomio district to seriously consider in future when allowing similar companies to come in.

“The NGG is given until the end of October to return and clean up the mess.”

He urged the provincial government to act on the recommendations compiled by the Department of Environment and Conservation last November.


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One response to “Appeal to Canadian miner to clear mess it left behind

  1. Karis

    What Canadian company is it please? Did it leave a bond behind to clean up?

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