Newcrest admits non-compliance revealed in Lihir water audit

Newcrest accepts non-compliance but fails to reveal details of its extent or impacts…

Mine to work with audit team

The National aka The Loggers Times

Lihir Gold Ltd says it will work with the government in implementing recommendations of government sanctioned environmental audit into the extraction of water at Londolovit River on Lihir Island that it extracts.

The audit had confirmed that LGL has complied with its water extraction permit conditions for the overwhelming majority of the period and identified some brief periods of non-compliance.

Australia’s North Victorian based company Moroka Pty Ltd carried out the environmental audit of the Londolovit River between May and August after it been commissioned to do so by Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) of the Government.

“LGL acknowledges these and while the periods and levels of non-compliance were relatively minor, we will work with the Government and local stakeholders to implement all of the changes recommended in the report” a statement released by the company said. The LGL said it acknowledged those brief periods of non-compliance and supported the recommendation to work with CEPA to agree a longer term water supply strategy to ensure this does not happen in the future.

“LGL has introduced innovative measures to manage the use of water during the current extended dry spell at Lihir,” the company said.

“ We are monitoring water extracted from Londo River supplies the mining operation and others.”


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