Govt undermining Wafi-Golpu feasibility studies claims governor

While New Ireland Governor Julius Chan is attacking Newcrest greed his Morobe counterpart, Governor Kelly Naruhas shares no such concerns, happily promoting the Australian company as ‘world class’… 

MP condemns decision
The National aka The Loggers Times
MOROBE Governor Kelly Naruhas condemned the Government decision to dissolve the special land titles commission to complete the determination of land boundaries and ownerships in the Wafi-Golpu project.
But despite the decision, he said the provincial government and the district development authority would support the three landowner associations.
Naru said the Government’s decision affected the Morobe Mining Joint Ventures’ confidence to complete feasibility studies.
“Government needs to re-examine its decision and re-establish the SLTC to complete court determination process of land boundaries and ownership,” Naru said.
“The SLTC must come back and finish the land boundaries court determination.”
Naru said “we can bring in world class mining developers but land boundary disputes and ownership rights still exist which SLTC are subjected to settle”.
Babuaf Landowner Association president Thomas Nen had raised his concern during presentation of two vehicles and opening of community hall at Finnchif on Saturday.
Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour, DDA adviser Robin Bazinuc and members presented the vehicle while the MMJV built the hall.
Naru commended MMJV for providing such infrastructures in advance.
He told the landowner associations to form an umbrella company to work with government and investors.
Hengabu and Yanta landowners associations have also raised similar concerns.


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