Govt released convicted prisoner to facilitate mine deal

It is alleged convicted Yulai Landower Association chairman George Gusi was released from prison two weeks ago on the orders of the government in order to facilitate the sale of the Tolukuma gold mine…


Anthony Morant

Now, we have a new twist in this Petromin-Asidokona saga.

Reports from TGM has confirmed that YLA Chairman who was jailed and sent to Bomana recently for multiple offense, has been “bailed” out and was flown into TGM this morning.

Reading in between lines, this act is no brainier. This is primarily done to fast track the sale agreement signing between Petromin and Asidokona. As the Chairman, George Gusi will facilitate and endorse the Landowners support and approve that this deal be confirmed and done with the sooner, the better.

Now, legally, has George Gusi – the convicted villain – been bailed out? Is he entitled to bail application? If he is entitled to bail, then who bailed him out? When was he bailed out? Or if he is not bailed out then on what circumstances is George been taken out of prison?

Only on medical grounds, a prisoner can be brought out of prison. Apart from that, no other grounds will legally be right. Or is this notion wrong?

When a public office holder is jailed for breaking the laws, does his rights, privileges, powers and authorities automatically gets stripped off him/her?

If that is the case then how come Petromin Holdings and Asidokona seem to engaged and recognize a law breaker in George Gusi as the Chairman of YLA?

Does such recognition qualifies these two entities of been guilty of breaking the laws of this land?

The Petromin-Asidokona deal seem be take  a fast lane approach in sealing the deal before anything legitimate is said and done about this.

There seem to be more questions about this deal then answers. And this in itself deserves a lot of publicity in Papua New Guinea’s main stream media. Sadly, PNG Media has turned a big blind eye and deaf ears to this since this news was broken.

God Bless Papua New Guinea



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3 responses to “Govt released convicted prisoner to facilitate mine deal

  1. This is criminal and should be highlighted to expose the depth of corruption into the government and justice systems in PNG. Which arm of the Government justice system has the power to order the release of convicted criminals? Was the right procedures followed to nullify a court ruling and who’s signature is on the paper to release the prisoner?

  2. Karis

    There are groups such as lawyers without borders. And use the international Press too.

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