Landowner group plans to start alluvial mining

alluvial watut

The National aka The Loggers Times

A LANDOWNER group in Enga plans to go ahead with alluvial gold mining rather than wait for developers.

The Lepyok-Saii Landowners Association from Kweokam in the Kompiam-Ambum district has submitted its resolution to the Mineral Resources Authority.

Association secretary Peter Tambalo said they were now waiting  for a reply.

He said the 10 clans of the Porelyin tribe were behind the plan to mine their gold and urged the MRA to speed up the process of granting them a licence.

The association has formed its company to get things off the ground.

He said the Lepyok-Saii Landowners Association Inc had as its own investment company called Akim Ku, which will be involved in the alluvial mining activity.

Akim Ku managing director  Joe Tomorop said the landowner company would be the first to operate alluvial or hard rock mining.

“We will see how we go,” he said. We will try and hire some expatriates, who have experience in the mining field to drive our day-to-day operation.”

Tomorop said locals should stop relying on foreigners but try to manage themselves their own resources.



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3 responses to “Landowner group plans to start alluvial mining

  1. Jeffrey Willie

    Waited so long..its time to extract by landowners!

  2. Ken West

    This is great news to see everyone getting out and having a go.
    Allwest Limited is based in Papua New Guinea and supplies services to the Alluvial mining industry, with services such as site training in mining equipment and safety and Alluvial mining Equipment sales, if you require equipment for your project and you would like to discuss further what we have to offer contact ken at or Ph: 72238226

  3. Kenneth KERASAM

    I fully agree with the concept of developing the resources that we have. Forget about the investors, by developing the small scale mining we will definitely get the absolute maximum benefits then engaging developer’s.

    I strongly recommend those who want to start Alluvial Mining to have technical people on site who have constructive ideas to trap gold.

    Kenneth KERASAM

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