Ramu mine locals not happy with land payments

pipe ramu

The National aka The Loggers Times 

PEOPLE living along the Ramu NiCo’s inland and coastal pipeline areas in Madang received payments for their land last week.
Many locals disagreed with the amounts, with some receiving K50-K80.
One landowner, Terry Aimai, said they were not happy with the amounts for the nine years usage of their land.
The Ramu NiCo management released a statement last Friday which the land compensation was done according to the agreement done when Highlands Pacific Ltd was operating. “The current land use payments by Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd is strictly in compliance with Occupational Fee (land compensation) payment component of the land and environment compensation agreement in 2000,” statement said.
Aimai said his clan received K900 which was like getting K100 for each year.
Ramu NiCo management did not want to reveal the rate it paid the landowners, saying it was the company’s confidential information and the rate would be discussed and changed in 2017 in the next review.
The current payment was for 2006 to 2014 since the project construction until last year (2014).


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One response to “Ramu mine locals not happy with land payments

  1. Karis

    Was the land left in good condition? How big were the plots of land? The landowners should have negotiated a percentage of the profits- have PNG communities learnt a lesson? Mines usually give back little or nothing.

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