Mining Minister clueless on details of Tolokuma sale


Joy Kisselpar | PNG Loop

Member for Kairuku Hiri Peter Isoaimo has demanded Mining Minister Byron Chan ensure a tailings dam is established before Tolokuma mine is reopened.

In Parliament today he raised concerns that when Tolokuma was sold to Singaporean firm Asidokona Limited the people of Goilala District and Kairuku Hiri District were not consulted.

Chan in response admitted he did not know details of the sale that took place between Asidokona Ltd and Petromin Limited.

“I have not been privy to the due diligence process or the process of the takeover, I was there to witness as the minister responsible for Mines and Petromin who owned Tolokuma,” he told parliament.

He says on the day he was told consultations did not take place because leaders of Central Province and their Governor were busy with meetings.

“But I was told consultations did take place,” Chan added.

Goilala MP William Samb and Central Governor Kila Hoada both refuted claims by Chan that consultations took place.

Chan explained that he does not know the details of sales because discussions on the sale were made between Petromin and Asidokana.

Central leaders have been told that they still have an opportunity to participate in discussions on the mine’s operations, tailings dam, and environmental damages. This opportunity is through the memorandum of agreement.

Tolokuma Mine was sold for K85 million to Asidokona Limited and an announcement was made earlier this month.


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