Black list Sinivit Mine developer – Pundari

Mining Minister happy to pick on the small guys – what about the human rights record of Barrick Gold or the environmental damage caused by Newcrest Mining? Why no action against the big boys Mr Pundari?


Joy Kisselpar | PNG Loop

Environment and Conservation Minister John Pundari says he wants Sinivit gold mine developer New Guinea Gold Corporation blacklisted so that they will not carry out any more mining activity in Papua New Guinea.

He says he is concerned about the way the State is allowing small companies take part in mining activities in the country.

“Such companies that do not have a strong mining back ground and proven corporate track record in responsible mining practices,” he added.

He says such companies should never be allowed in the country.

Pundari also suggested the government should establish environment bonds which can be used in the event of environmental damages.

He will be bringing a bill on this issue to parliament next year.

Pundari to take mining firm to task
The National aka The Loggers Times
Environment and Conservation Minister John Pundari says he will hold Canadian company Niugini Gold Ltd responsible for abandoning the Wild Dog gold mine at the Siniwit LLG in Pomio district without proper consultation.
Pundari told Parliament yesterday that technical officers from his department, who undertook site visits to the mine after reports of a disappearing act by the developer in April 2014, confirmed there was cyanide pollution to the river systems and other environmental dilemma caused from mining activities.
“The developer failed its corporate social responsibility and legal obligation to notify the proper authorities, especially the Mineral Resources Authority and my department regarding its intention to close the mine,” he said.
“I will use every legal means possible to have the developer answerable to the environmental dilemma it has caused and created.”
Pundari assured locals that the water was within safe levels for consumption.
He was responding to Pomio MP who raised concerns on the environmental catastrophe caused by mining activities.


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