World Bank actively promoting more large-scale mining in PNG, Bougainville and Solomons

polyp_cartoon_Trickle_Down_EconomicsLarge-scale mining is a failed economic model that fuels corruption and leads to community breakdown and large-scale environmental destruction in less-developed countries. But that doesn’t stop multi-lateral agencies like the World Bank, working on behalf of global corporations, continuing to promote it. The WB says it wants to ‘to attract responsible mining investment’ in PNG, Bougainville and the Solomons – presumably from companies like BHP who destroyed the Fly river and is responsible for the recent disaster in Brazil and Rio Tinto who caused the conflict on Bougainville!

The Bank claims poverty, corruption and conflict in resource rich countries are the result of poor governance but fail to understand (or admit) the role large -scale resource extraction plays in undermining good governance and creating the conditions for poverty, corruption and conflict in the first place…

Senior Mining Specialist, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Closing date: Wednesday, 10 February 2016

About 3.5 billion people live in countries rich in oil, gas, or minerals. Many of these countries suffer from poverty, corruption, and conflict stemming from weak governance. Too often, mineral, oil, and gas resources have become a source of conflict rather than opportunity. This must change, especially as some of the world’s lowest-income countries have abundant resources. Extractive industries (oil, gas, and mining) have the potential to generate significant wealth for developing countries and to serve as important catalysts for growth. They generate large revenues through royalties, taxation, and exports – and create employment. The World Bank promotes policies and programs that strengthen governance and ensure environmental performance and stimulate linkages to the rest of the economy to ensure that the benefits are widespread and sustained. All contributing to the World Banks twin goals of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity. Extractive Industries is part of the World Bank’s Energy and Extractives Global Practice. The Extractives team consist of around 50 dedicated professionals primarily based at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC. The Energy and Extractives Global Practice has an active program in the Asia Pacific including projects in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Solomon Islands. It is looking for someone to join its efforts to support these countries in harnessing the potential of the mining sector for economic growth and poverty reduction with a strong emphasis good governance, mining communities and the environment. The position is based in Port Moresby with frequent travel to Honiara.

Duties and Accountabilities

The selected candidate will become part of the Extractives team in the Asia Pacific with primary responsibility for work in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands with possible other roles in East Asia Pacific or globally. Our work in PNG (including the Autonomous Bougainville Government – ABG) and Solomon Is. consists of high level policy advice and technical assistance operations to support the Governments to attract and manage responsible investment in the mining sector; improving benefits to communities, promoting gender equity in access to benefits and extractives-related opportunities, and reducing gender based violence related to the extractive industries, reducing the risk of conflict and managing and environmental risks; and improving transparency of the sector through the implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). This work is done through a series of loans, grants and policy dialogue led by Task Team Leaders. The Senior Mining Specialist will become an integral part of this team and is expected to become the primary interface to the client. The position will require frequent travel in both PNG and Solomon Islands.



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2 responses to “World Bank actively promoting more large-scale mining in PNG, Bougainville and Solomons

  1. mister meaner

    rise up PNG,solomon islands and bouginville,eratticate povety in all corners,never give up

  2. billy baraso

    absolutely true in what all’s being said

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